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Therapy for Anxiety  

Psychotherapy is recognized as a main leading treatment for anxiety, and with good reason.  Studies indicate that Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be a successful treatment for anxiety after as few as ten sessions, either with medication or without any form of the drug. Due to the high numbers of anxiety disorders cases in society, it is important to have a strong understanding anxiety disorders causes and find out what works best for the patient to recover from it. Here is a general overview of CBT for anxiety disorders without looking into any specific anxiety diagnosis. Of course, one therapy does not work for everyone that’s why it is important to let the counseling therapist know about the treatment progress.

Theory of Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

CBT works by discovering and dealing with how an individual’s thought process and actions/behavior may cause the anxiety.   The psychotherapist collaborates with the patient to identify how and what negative thought cycle controls the feelings and behaviors. Here’s an example of how two different individuals can react to a situation differently based on their ideas:

Situation:  two employees have the task to complete the same project after the same period. For example, presenting a presentation about annual report to the company head.

The employee no one perceives the task in its thought as ” I will learn to make a report and practice hard for it.”  That employ feels confident & positive.  Based on the thoughts the employee will practice and completes the task successfully.  The employ number two perceives the changes differently.  It thinks it can not do it, and fail the day of reporting to the boss. This thought will cause anxiety, worry, and the employee will get scared.  Now the idea of the employees will reflect its behavior opposite. It will stop practice to make a report and get out even to present the report on the final day.

By using Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the Counselor will work to modify the thoughts causing the anxiety and worry of the individual and help to improve the situation. By changing the process of reflection, the behavior will change. During the counseling sessions,  proving the providing psychoeducation by the counselor about anxiety is the first step of therapy.

An individual who comes for the counseling for anxiety may not have enough knowledge about the anxiety and its causes. The individual might be afraid of facing the situations,  such as driving, speaking in a public gathering or any other phobia, that is all. The individual has this continued feeling of anxiety without knowing what it is, and why it happens. It is the counseling therapists responsibility to find out what’s the causes of the anxiety or worry, and under what conditions the person gets most worried.  What thought is going on in mind of the client and how these idea is affecting the mental health.  It’s important to educate the individual about how to face the anxiety and what techniques should be practiced to handle the situations to avoid the get it worse.  People should realize that always avoiding the anxiety causing situations will get worse at next time.  Our mind process this situation like when we avoid the anxiety situation we feel better, that is the reason people avoid it for next time as well, and the situation gets worse. It is better to attend the counseling to learn how to deal the issue and get out of the anxiety and fear.

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