How to be Happy

How to increase your happiness 

How to increase your happiness Online

How to increase your happiness; The happy people are always highly productive in personal as well as work life. However, in some cases, we are unable to find this happiness naturally in professional and personal life. That is why you may go through a training course to increase your happiness. The participants of this training program will know the ways to become happier. Pleasure and contentment will have come in your life. There will be a positive effect on every member of your company.

 How happiness training works for you

During the training session, the individuals will make out something that nurtures their happiness at the workplace. They will also create the everyday routine and schedule. What’s more, they will be more effective at relating to others in the workplace. They can gain the capability of thinking more positively and taking the right actions. Overall, we can say that they will identify how their workspace environment plays a role in affecting happiness.

With the proper mindset and skills, happiness is achievable to you. You may think it to be odd to realize that we have to be happy at our workplace. However, as it is the workplace, we spend much time to deal with our jobs. While we do not get pleasure in our life, it will affect other facets of our life.

Thus, you can join the training course, and you will find ways of retaining happiness at work. The workshop will increase job satisfaction and productivity level at work. Moreover, it will help you to keep up your physical, mental and emotional health.

Benefits of the workshop 

To conclude, we can say that your positive thinking skills will help you to be content with your work. The training course will instruct you on the scientific techniques for growing positive in your mind.

The course will have a substantial effect on your professional and personal lives. It will improve their communication skills, increase productivity, and lesson absenteeism from work.

Edmonton counseling services provide online coaching on how to increase happiness in life.  You can take the workshop at any time from anywhere. Learn at your time and your pace.


Increasing Your Happiness Course Outline:

Module One: Getting Started

  • Action Plan

Module Two: Plan Ahead For Happiness

  • Have A Nightly Routine
  • Get At Least Eight Hours Of Sleep
  • Wake Up Early
  • Give Yourself Extra Commute Time
  • Case Study
  • Module Two: Review Questions

Module Three: Plan Your Day

  • Arrive 10-15 Minutes Early
  • Check Your Calendar For Action Items
  • Create A To Do List For The Day
  • Build In Breaks
  • Case Study
  • Module Three: Review Questions

Module Four: Relate To Others

  • Greet Your Colleagues
  • Smile!
  • Build Your Support Team And Check In Regularly
  • Take Time To Socialize
  • Case Study
  • Module Four: Review Questions

Module Five: Go To Your Happy (Work)Space

  • Create A Workspace That Makes You Happy
  • Clear The Clutter
  • Bring In Personal Touches
  • Add Some Green!
  • Case Study
  • Module Five: Review Questions

Module Six: Accentuate The Positive

  • Use A Daily Affirmation
  • Surround Yourself With Positive People
  • Limit Your Negative Interactions
  • Build Friendships
  • Case Study
  • Module Six: Review Questions
Module Seven: Use Your Benefits

  • Use Your Vacation And Paid Time Off!
  • Exercise Your Way To Happy!
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Other Benefits – Credit Union, Direct Deposit, Etc.
  • Case Study
  • Module Seven: Review Questions

Module Eight: Take Control Of Your Career Happiness

  • Take Control Of Your Professional Development
  • Seek Frequent Feedback
  • Practice Professional Courage
  • Seek Mentoring, And Seek To Mentor Others
  • Case Study
  • Module Eight: Review Questions

Module Nine: Set Boundaries

  • Learn To Say No
  • Learn To Say Yes
  • Protect Your Downtime
  • Know When To Call It A Day
  • Case Study
  • Module Nine: Review Questions

Module Ten: Practice Positivity

  • Keep Your Interactions Positive
  • Practice Gratitude
  • Address Conflict Or Misunderstandings Directly And Positively
  • Look For The Silver Lining
  • Case Study
  • Module Ten: Review Questions

Module Eleven: Choose To Be Happy

  • Happiness Is A Choice
  • Choose Your Stress Response
  • Do One Thing Each Day That You Love And Enjoy
  • Seek To Make Positive Changes
  • Case Study
  • Module Eleven: Review Questions

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

  • Words From The Wise
  • Lessons Learned
  • Recommended Reading
  • Completion Of Action Plans And Evaluations
Mode of Learning: Online, Mobile learning through a computer, iOS, or Android, so you can stream video lectures from anywhere.
How to increase your happiness Online