Enduring Power of Attorney & Personal Directives in Edmonton

Advanced Care Planning and Preparation for your future

Personal Directive

If a life-changing event happened to you tomorrow, who would you want to help you take your personal and financial decisions?

Have an Advanced Care Plan in place
In Alberta, anyone OVER the age of 18 is responsible for creating their following two documents.

Personal Directive

A Personal Directive grants you the power to choose one or two individuals that you trust to help manage important personal matters like, health care, decisions and where you live. The personal directive is typically granted if the individual no longer has the mental capacity to make own decisions on their own decisions. The person you appoint for making those decisions should be well known of your values and beliefs and wishes in regards to decisions that have to be for your health, life-saving, living provisions and accommodations and any other issues you seem important enough to make it into a health directive.

Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA)

An Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) allows you the authority to choose one or two individuals you trust to help manage all of your financial decisions, including your property. The ENDURING POWER OF ATTORNEY (EPA) comes into effect from the time specified in the EPA and continues to act even if the Donor becomes incapable of making own decisions at some time in the future. If someone is planning to complete an enduring power of attorney (EPA), it is very important to know that individual is aware of the implications of the power you are giving and what it will mean for the managing of your finances. An Enduring Power of Attorney is legal only if the donor giving the power is mentally competent to make decisions for their self at the time of signing the document. If there is a doubt about the individual’s ability to make sound decisions for self, then the individual should obtain a capacity Assessment opinion from a professional authorized to do the capacity assessment.
Advance care planning becomes important when individuals become so ill that they are no longer able to make decisions about their medical and care needs or make decisions about their financial matters.

If you care for someone, helping them execute an advanced care plan in place can make it clear to make informed decisions on their behalf when the time comes.

Under the advanced care plan, it may require a range of documents including

A Personal Directive / Advance Health Care Directive
The Enduring power of attorney
In the personal directive, individuals can instruct to respect their wish to maintain their value about their life a for the person who will be responsible for the decision making.

last will & testament

last will & testament is not same as the EPOA

This is the misconception that many people think that the executor of the last will & testament will be the same person. That is not the case always because the personal Directive and Enduring Power of Attorney are like ‘living will’ documents. While these documents may be mentioned in your will, you may also have these documents drawn up with to your last will and testament.

Since both personal Directive and Enduring Power of Attorney are anticipated for people who lack the mental capacity to make their health care and financial decisions, These documents are usually created in addition to a will. If a situation arises where the individual’s mental capacity begins to worse, the individual should look into creating a personal directive and Enduring Power of Attorney. An EPA is not the same as the executor of the will.

Fess for Personal Directive & Enduring Power of Attorney = $220
Fess for Capacity Assessment for Adult Guardianship & Trusteeship = $700

I Can Help You with your these Decision Making Documents
I am a Registered Social Worker and Alberta govt. approved designated capacity assessor, I have assisted many people in Alberta with their Personal Directive and Enduring Power of Attorney. I’ll make sure all your documents are official and commissioned under Guardianship Act in the Province of Alberta and your Personal Directive will be registered by Govt of Alberta.

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