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Psychotherapy Counselling Depression Therapy Online Edmonton Therapist

Psychotherapy Counselling Depression Therapy Online Edmonton Therapist


Psychotherapy & Depression

To know about Psychotherapy & Depression you must know what is depression and psychotherapy. Once you know about depression and psychotherapy & depression then you can understand better.

What is depression?

Most of us have gone through the downcast feeling of blue moods at one point or the other. The majority of these are the result of stresses and disappointments in life, illnesses, or other significant losses.

Depression shouldn’t be mistaken for the usual feeling of sadness, bad moods, or feeling down. These are normal feelings. When an individual has mood swings consistently for weeks, months, or longer periods, he is suffering from depression. Besides, it limits the person from going about his or her daily activities, they could be depressed.

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a way of treating people’s mental illnesses and emotional difficulties through talk. Psychotherapy can be given by mental health counsellor who can help eliminate or control troubling symptoms so a person can function properly and live a happy life.

What is depression counselling?

It is a form of treatment for depression, as well as is medication. Depression counselling can provide the help we need and that we do not have to go through problems alone. Therapists help patients in understanding the real issues and how they can deal with them to live a happy life. They help patients to see better days ahead and live with a sense of purpose in their lives.

What type of depression counselling is best for you?

There are two types of depression counselling and these counselling are very effective.

1. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
2. Interpersonal Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)

In CBT, the therapist helps you learn how to make positive changes in your behaviors and thoughts.

Interpersonal Therapy

During interpersonal therapy, the therapist discusses your relationships and helps you make positive changes in your relationships.

Which Therapy is best for Depression Counselling?

Various types of mental health practitioners offer depression counselling with the help of talk therapy:

Psychotherapists & Psychiatrists

Mostly, psychiatrists treat mental diseases with medications but they also provide psychotherapy.


The psychotherapist can assist you to learn about depression Management and how you can overcome negative thoughts. They not only help learn depression management but also teach depression coping skills.

What to Expect in a depression counselling Session?

During the first session of depression counselling, prepare to tell the therapist about your depression and what led you to seek help. You must explain why you need help.

For instance, you may be looking for help to find ways to better deal with personal relationships. You should tell the therapist why you are there and what you would like to get from therapy.

You must be honest with the therapist and explain your situation honestly. After listening, the therapist will be able to formulate a treatment plan for you.

How psychotherapy can help you with depression?

• Setting and reaching wellness goals
• Overcome insecurities and fears
• Cope with tension and stress
• Highlighting the triggers that may worsen your situation
• Make a difference between your true personality and the moods resulting from depression
• A better understanding of your mental health condition
• A better relationship with friends and family members
• Learning why things bother you and what you can do about them
• Establish a stable, dependable daily routine
• End destructive habits such as using drugs, drinking, unhealthy sex, or overspending

How to evaluate the progress?

Make a list of short and long-term goals with your therapists that you’re expecting to achieve. In this way, you’ll be able to evaluate your progress. After a few days of the depression counselling session, check the list to evaluate if you’re able to achieve desired results.

Review your progress and discuss it with your therapist. Remember, changes will not occur overnight; however, but you must experience some change, even if it’s just a better understanding of your feelings and thoughts. If you don’t feel better at all, consider changing the therapist. Let’s read how natural ingredients turmeric and cumin helpful for anxiety and depression.(1)

Psychotherapy Depression Counselling

Psychotherapy for Depression counselling is not always easy and can sometimes even be frustrating as you work through difficult problems. But if you stick with it, the talk therapy method can also be rewarding and gratifying — and can give you the tools you need to help ease your depression.

To book a counselling session with our professional all you have to do is click on the below button that will lead you to a page where you can book a counselling session.

Psychotherapy Depression Counselling

Online Depression Counselling Edmonton

At Edmonton counselling services we provide effective depression counselling that will help you to learn depression management techniques and will help you to eliminate or control depression. Online depression counselling is as effective as an in-person counselling session.

It is very helpful when you don’t feel like going anywhere and you just want to stay at one place at this situation you can take online counselling sessions at your home on your mobile or laptop. All you have to do is book an online counselling session with the below button.

Online Depression Counselling

Bharat Sharma

Discover a new way of getting well. Bharat Sharma is a Holistic therapist. Get to the root of your problems and overcome these using state-of-the-art neuro-scientific tools. Bharat is passionate about helping you reach your potential and achieve optimal health. He provides individual clinical services to adults, children, and couples and thought-provoking and inspiring workshops to various sizes of groups. Contact him if you are ready to let go of your past, reach your goals, and heighten your vibration! He was born in India and received his Doctor of Medicine ( Alternative medicine) and Master's degree in Social Work equivalency in Alberta. He is a Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling, Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (U.S. DOT), Canadian Certified Clinical Supervisor, and a Registered professional counselor in Alberta. He is practicing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, for over ten years and speaks English, Punjabi, Urdu, and Hindi. The Eastern culture, philosophy, and spirituality have always fascinated Bharat. Therefore, he uses a practical blend of contemporary Western wisdom and ancient Eastern tailored to his clients' needs. Being a holistic counsellor, he acknowledges that the human spirit is intricately involved in healing the total person—mind, body & soul.

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