Anger Management Program 

Anger is a general human emotion that can create strong arousal of the “fight or flight” reaction.

Anger is often a natural emotional reaction to frustration and pain. It is a learned reaction, and it can be unlearned with time and effort.

Strategies and skills for controlling angry thoughts,  feelings, managing stress, and having healthy boundaries, solving problems can help to minimize the destructive behavior of anger. If your anger is troubling with you are re

Relationships, employment and overall quality of life, consider taking the anger management program at Edmonton Counselling Services, and the Psychotherapist there can help you to find out what triggers your anger as well as challenge the thoughts and behaviors that tend to get you into anger cycle. They can also teach you some powerful techniques and assertiveness skills and relaxation exercises to help create a long-lasting effect.

There are many signs and components involves around the anger;

Such as feeling hurt emotionally.

Physiologically arousal,  such as often feeling muscle tension, changes in breathing pattern, shallow or rapid, breathing,  increased adrenaline increased heart rate and feeling the headache.

The emotional feeling could cause physical or verbal violent behavior

When a person is not able to express anger in healthy ways, then it can cause problems personal, family, social, family, relationship and work life. It can leave the angry person feeling hurt, guilty, alone, out of control and disappointed.

Our Anger management Program and support

Anger management programs at Edmonton Counselling Services provide a therapeutic opportunity and education to manage your anger in a positive, functional and effective way. Our  Program is court accepted anger management course.  Individuals may include people who internalize their anger as well as those who act it out verbally or in physical behavior toward someone.

The anger management programs will help participants to identify their anger style, their triggers and the situations that prompt their anger. They then learn different tactics for dealing with anger. This programs also include how to deal with conflict resolution, successfully to avoid any anger issues.

  •  is it for Personal development? 
  • Employment Situation?  
  • Court Ordered?

We can help with any situation for Anger management

We have one to one Counselling & Workshops for Anger Management 

Facilitators: The psychotherapist; Bharat Sharma provides private one to one anger management counseling and coaching sessions in Edmonton.  He holds the credential of RPC (Registered Professional Counsellor), MPCC (Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling),  RSW (Registered Social Worker )and  CCS-A (Canadian Clinical Supervisor Addiction Counsellor.)

Direct Billing: Employee benefits and extended health insurance Plan from Alberta Blue Cross,Greenshields, The co-operators etcs are accepted.

Urgent appointments are available. We do have one day Anger management program and a certificate is issued upon successfully completion of the program.

Location:  Edmonton Counselling Services  office is located at : 2923 66 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6K 4C1 . Our professional office is close to the Grey Nuns Hospital. We provide free visitor parking to our clients.

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