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1-Day Anger Management Classes Near Me

When the Court, your employer, or your spouse tells you to get into anger management Training. It’s time to pay attention.

Is anger interfering with your life?

1 Day anger management classes near me can help you learn how to manage anger triggers and coping mechanisms.  Anger can be a destructive force, costing people their relationships & jobs, and even their lives get out of control. However, since every individual experiences anger, it is essential to have positive approaches to manage it effectively. The anger management classes near me in Edmonton will help you learn how to identify your anger triggers and deal with situations when you get angry.

Why are Anger Management Classes Needed?

We have mentioned seven questions you can ask yourself to ensure you need anger management classes near me in Edmonton.

  1. Do your family or friends say you fly off the handle quickly and you need to learn anger management?
  2. Do you find trouble at work because of your anger?
  3. Is your relationship or marriage at risk because you fight too much?
  4. Do you have road rage?
  5. Are You Mandated to Take Anger Management counseling by the Court or Workplace?
  6. Is anger taking over you, and you want to save your family or a failing relationship?
  7. Do you get aggravated because people do not act as you think they should?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might have an issue with anger. And it would help if you had anger management counseling because you can’t control your anger alone.

Our anger management classes can help you. In the counseling sessions, we will address how to stop your anger from affecting you emotionally & physically. What is anger, and what is not anger?

What is Anger Management?

Anger management counseling is learning how to manage your anger in practical ways so people around you won’t get hurt and you can express your feelings without getting angry.

Anger management classes near me teach you many techniques that you can use in different situations when you are angry. It also helps you learn how to calm down when heated and react during the tuff time.

What is Anger Management Counseling?

Anger Management counseling is focused on teaching anger-controlling techniques, and it has proven strategies, exercises, and activities that can help you resolve your anger issues. It will also help you to calm down instantly and deal with your hot buttons.

Anger management classes near me in Edmonton are mainly given by experts in mental health counselors trained in clinical counseling. You can take therapy from them, and also, you can join anger management classes near me in Edmonton as per your needs.

Anger Management Near Me

If you are looking for anger management near me in Edmonton, you can find them through the below button. Once you click the below button, you’ll see the list of Anger Management therapists around you.

You will get the contact details and a map to visit their office or you can call them and book your appointment too.

anger management counseling Nearby

Online Anger Management Counseling

If you want to take online anger management counseling, you can take it by booking an appointment through the below button.  You can take your therapist’s advice and get help resolving your anger issues.

How to Take Anger Management Counselling?

When you suggested taking anger management counseling, you can take anger management counseling from any clinical counsellor. If you have a health benefits plan, it’ll help you take anger management counselling because some medical insurance covers mental health counselling fees. Check if your benefit plan covers, Counselling so you can take one-to-one Anger Management classes.

A certificate of completion of anger management is issued if needed for legal or work purposes.

Online Anger Management Counselling

Online anger management classes can help you to take control of your anger from your home. If you cannot attend an anger management program in person, you can take an online Anger Management classes from your home, workplace, or anywhere at any time.

Anger Management Course Online

We have created excellent online anger management classes that will give you insight into anger; you all need to know about anger management. Our online course is based on cognitive behavior therapy and solution-focused therapy, and it has twelve modules and provides techniques to manage negative thoughts and avoid angry situations.  The anger management course will teach you about anger dynamics, anger circle, and fight and flight theory. The psychology behind anger, Usages of I-messages. Facts and myths about anger. This online anger management course can help you to manage your anger. Our online course has online tests. If you pass the online test, you can get an anger management certificate to be printed and used for your benefit.

Our anger management training courses are for professionals also, so if your employer asks you to take an anger management course and submit a certificate, you can take this course.  If still, you feel you need face-to-face anger management counselling you can contact us or book an appointment for in-person therapy. Through the below button.

Online Anger Management Course

Anger Management Near Me in Edmonton

We provide anger management counselling at Edmonton Counselling Services where you can get anger management classes. In these anger management classes, you’ll learn how to control and drive your anger in a healthy way that won’t hurt anyone, and you can feel lite.

Anger is a very strong emotion, and you have to be careful about it sometimes it can cause you many troubles and make you feel bad about yourself. We have created a special Session Program called One Day anger management classes near me. In these classes, you’ll learn techniques to release your anger and feel good. You’ll learn about myths of anger and its causes and more. You can take this one-day anger management Edmonton program from your home.


Emotional Intelligence Course on: ‘How to Stop the Destructive Vicious Cycle of Chronic Anger!

In this anger management program, you will understand anger dynamics regarding the cycle of anger and the flight or fight mode. You will go through everyday myths about anger and its facts, the psychological and situational reasons, where to stop, how to deal with difficult people, and learn to avoid conflict, which may cause anger.

Highlights of the Anger Management Program:

  1. Understand anger dynamics regarding the anger circle, the fight and flight theory, and the psychology behind the anger.
  2. Find out the common myths and their factual refutations about anger.
  3. Learn the helpful and unhelpful methods of dealing with conflict.
  4. Be aware of the difference between subjective language and objective language.
  5. Understand to find out the root cause of the problem.
  6. Learn how to express a feeling or position using I-messages.
  7. Learn the technique for Negotiation and solution-building.
  8. Recognize your hot buttons and personal anger dynamics.
  9. Learn and practice how to de-escalate anger situations and learn powerful techniques to be used during the conflict to avoid confrontation.

This anger management classes will guide you through the helpful and unhelpful ways of dealing with anger. You’ll learn new techniques for managing the rage, mainly catching the anger warning signs, exercising relaxation, coping thoughts, blowing off steam, and methods.

In the Anger counselling sessions, we will teach you the difference between subjective language and objective to avoid dangerous situations.

Where and when is it offered?

  1. The Anger Management Program is offered in person at the Edmonton Counselling Serveries office: 2923 – 66 St NW, Edmonton, AB. T6K 4C1 (near Grey Nuns Hospital ). Free parking is available.
  2. One-day Workshops are mostly on Weekends, and Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We do have an Online Anger Management program. Clients can finish the program at their leisure.
  3. We offer a few options through group Workshops, individual (one-to-one Private), or couples Anger Management Sessions to meet your needs.
  4. Individual Anger Management Sessions are available regularly, and One-Day Anger Management Workshop is held on weekends.
  5. 1.45 Hour and 3-hour private sessions are flexible and available any regular workdays, evenings, and weekends.

Benefits of the Anger Management Near Me Program

  1. Less stress and better relationships.
  2. Break “old patterns” that don’t work.
  3. Develop emotional intelligence (EI) and emotional maturity.
  4. Learn how to create a healthy boundary.
  5. Better relationships with family and at work.
  6. Reduce emotional reactivity & level of stress.
  7. Learn how to minimize conflicts. Improve communication skills

Emotional Signs of Anger

Rage, Irritability, feeling overwhelmed, anxiety, thinking about hurting yourself or others, Trouble managing thoughts, etc.

Physical Signs of Anger

Tightening of the chest, Fatigue, Tingling, Increased blood pressure, Heart palpitations, Headaches & pressure in the head sinus cavities.

Some Causes of Anger?

Stress, Environment, Abuse, Financial issues, Family situations, Overwhelming situations (School, work, family responsibilities), Frustration, no time for yourself (self-care) & Not being heard.

The Outcomes of the Anger Management Program

You will learn the necessary tools and strategies to prevent anger-related incidents in the future.

How Much Does Anger Management Cost?

Online Anger Management program $187

Condensed Private session: $355 per Session ( 1.45-hour Session)

Your health insurance plan may cover · Fees. We offer Direct Billing to Alberta Blue Cross, The Co-operators, The SSG, Financial Group, Equitable Life, Quick card & GreenShild.

  1. Fees are also eligible for a Tax credit if you do not have health insurance. I am an authorized “medical practitioner” to claim medical expenses on income tax returns. My fees are eligible medical expenses you may claim on your tax return for a tax credit. You can find more information at the following link. https://bit.ly/2vDmeic.
  2. We offer a Sliding Scale Fee for 16 sessions one of one anger management program if you do not have any insurance/benefits to cover the cost of counseling and low income.
  3. Urgent / Rush Appointment is available for private 1.45- and 3-hours anger management sessions, including evenings, weekends, and regular business days.



  1. Bharat is a Master’s Practitioner in Clinical Counselling & Canadian Clinical Supervisor. He focuses on constructive and real solutions for clients to manage anger. Bharat employs cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), psychodynamic, and interpersonal anger control skills.
  2. Court-referred clients are accepted.
  3. Referrals welcomed from lawyers, peace officers, employers, H.R. managers and EAP specialists, supervisors, etc
  4. Upon request, the certificate of completion can be issued after you have completed the entire program.

Gain Control Over Your Anger. Reach Out for Professional Help.

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