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1-Day Anger Management Classes Near Me

When a judge, boss, or spouse advises you to take anger management classes. It’s time to concentrate.

Is anger interfering with your life?

You can learn how to control your anger triggers and coping mechanisms by attending 1-day anger management programs close to you. Anger can be a destructive force, costing people their relationships & jobs, and even their lives get out of control. However, since everyone experiences anger, it’s important to have constructive ways to deal with it. Your local Edmonton anger management classes will teach you to recognize your anger triggers and handle furious situations.

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Why are Anger Management Classes Needed?

You can use the seven questions listed to determine whether you need anger management programs in Edmonton. The question is as follows:-

  • Do your family or friends say you fly off the handle quickly and you need to learn anger management Edmonton?
  • Do you find trouble at work because of your anger?
  • Is your relationship or marriage at risk because you fight too much?
  • Do you have road rage?
  • Are You Mandated to Take Anger Management Counselling by the Court or Workplace?
  • Is anger taking over you, and you want to save your family or a failing relationship?
  • Do you get aggravated because people do not act as you think they should?

You may struggle with Rage if you say “yes” to these inquiries. You could also benefit from anger management counseling near me because you cannot control your anger alone.

In these cases, anger management classes can help you. During the counseling sessions, we will discuss how to stop your anger from negatively influencing your emotional and physical health.


Bharat Sharma is a highly experienced and skilled anger management counsellor based in Edmonton. As a Master’s Practitioner in Clinical Counselling and a Canadian Clinical Supervisor, he has acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of clinical counselling.

Bharat’s primary focus is on providing constructive and practical solutions for his clients to effectively manage their anger. He combines various therapeutic approaches to tailor his counselling sessions to meet the unique needs of each individual. The key therapeutic modalities he employs include:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT): CBT is a widely recognized and evidence-based approach that helps individuals identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviours. Bharat utilises CBT techniques to assist clients in understanding the triggers for their anger, challenging irrational beliefs, and developing healthier coping mechanisms.

Interpersonal Anger Control Skills: Recognizing that anger often arises in relationships and social interactions, Bharat focuses on enhancing interpersonal skills. He teaches clients effective communication strategies, conflict resolution techniques, and assertiveness training to improve their ability to manage anger within relationships.

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What is Anger Management?

Learning effective methods for controlling your anger allows you to express your feelings without becoming angry and prevents injury to those around you.

In anger, there are numerous circumstances where you can employ the strategies you learn in local anger management workshops. Additionally, it teaches you how to control your temper and respond to stressful situations.

What is Anger Management Counseling?

Anger Management Counselling is focused on teaching anger-controlling techniques, and it has proven strategies, exercises, and activities that can assist you in resolving your anger issues. It will also help you to calm down instantly and deal with your hot buttons.
Clinically qualified mental health professionals often teach nearby anger management classes in Edmonton. You may enroll in anger management programs in Edmonton nearby and receive counseling from them according to your demands.

You may locate them by clicking the button below if you’re looking for anger management services that are nearby. You will find a list of Edmonton anger management therapists nearby when you click the button below.

You will receive their address, phone number, and a map, along with instructions on how to find them and make an appointment.

You may schedule an online anger management counseling appointment by clicking the button below. You can take your therapist’s advice and get help resolving your anger issues.

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How Does Anger Management Counselling Work?

Here are a few steps that are being followed to start with the counseling sessions.

  • The first step involves an initial assessment by a qualified therapist to understand the person’s anger triggers, patterns, and impact on their life.
  • The therapist then works with the individual to identify underlying anger causes, such as past traumas, stress, or unrealistic expectations.
  • Strategies and techniques are taught to help the person recognize the early signs of anger and develop healthier coping mechanisms.
  • These techniques may include deep breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, and relaxation techniques to help manage anger at the moment.
  • The therapist also helps the person explore and challenge their negative thought patterns and beliefs, contributing to anger management counseling.
  • Communication skills are taught to improve assertiveness and conflict resolution, enabling individuals to express themselves more effectively.
  • The anger management counsellor may provide homework assignments and encourage the individual to practise new skills in real-life situations.

How to Take Anger Management Counselling?

You can seek anger management counselling from any clinical counselor, as recommended when you propose undergoing therapy. It would be easier for you to attend anger management counseling if you have a health benefits plan because specific medical insurance covers the costs of mental health counseling. Check if your benefit plan covers Counselling so you can take one-to-one Anger Management classes.

You may learn how to regulate your anger from home with the help of online anger management classes. You can enroll in online anger management classes anytime and from any location if you cannot attend a physical anger management program.

You all need to learn about managing your anger. Thus, we have excellent online seminars that will help you understand it. Our online course is based on cognitive behavior therapy and solution-focused therapy, and it has twelve modules and provides techniques to manage negative thoughts and avoid angry situations.

In the anger management course, you will learn about anger dynamics, the anger circle, and the fight-or-flight theory. The psychology behind anger, Usages of I-messages. Facts and myths about anger. Our online course has online tests. If you pass the online test, you can get an anger management certificate to be printed and used for your benefit.

If your company requests that you complete an anger management course and provide a certificate, you may do so because our training programs are also available for professionals. If you still believe you need in-person anger management treatment, please get in touch with us or schedule an appointment.

The Edmonton Counselling Services office at 2923 – 66 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta, offers the Anger Management Program in person—T6 K 4C1 (near Grey Nuns Hospital ). Free parking is available. One-day Workshops are mostly on Weekends and Sundays from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We do have a curriculum for managing anger online. Clients can finish the program at their leisure.

We offer a few options through group Workshops, individual (one-to-one Private), or couples Anger Management Sessions to meet your needs.

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Is Anger Management Near Me in Edmonton Available?

We provide anger management counselling at Edmonton Counseling Services, where you can also take anger management programs. In these anger management classes, you’ll learn how to control and drive your anger in a healthy way that won’t hurt anyone, and you can feel lite. We have formed a unique Session Program called One Day anger management classes near me. In the respective classes, you’ll learn techniques to release your anger to help you feel good.

In this anger management program, you will understand anger dynamics regarding the cycle of anger and the flight or fight mode. You will learn about common misconceptions about anger and its realities, as well as its psychological and environmental causes, how to deal with complex individuals, and how to prevent conflict, which can fuel fury.

What are the highlights of the Anger Management Program?

  • Understand anger dynamics regarding the anger circle, the fight and flight theory, and the psychology behind anger.
  • Please find out the common myths and their factual refutations about anger.
  • Be aware of the difference between subjective language and objective language.
  • Understand to find out the root cause of the problem.
  • Will also acknowledge expressing a feeling or position using messages.
  • Learn the technique for Negotiation and solution-building.
  • Learn and practice effective tactics throughout the conflict to diffuse angry situations and prevent confrontation.
  • You will learn constructive and destructive strategies to deal with Rage in these classes on anger management. You’ll pick up new methods for controlling your fury, like recognizing the anger warning signals, practicing relaxation, developing coping mechanisms, venting your frustrations, and methods.

In the anger counseling sessions, we will also teach you the difference between subjective language and objective to avoid dangerous situations.

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What are the Benefits of the Anger Management Near Me Program?

  • Less stress and better relationships.
  • Break “old patterns” that don’t work.
  • Develop emotional intelligence (EI) and emotional maturity.
  • Learn how to create a healthy boundary.
  • Better relationships with family and at work.
  • Reduce emotional reactivity & level of stress.
  • Learn how to minimize conflicts. Improve communication skills

What are the signs of Anger Management?

  • Emotional Signs of Anger

Irritability, anxiety, Rage, feeling overwhelmed, and thinking about hurting yourself or others also involve trouble managing thoughts, etc.

  • Physical Signs of Anger

Tightening of the chest, Fatigue, Tingling, Increased blood pressure, Heart palpitations, Headaches & pressure in the head sinus cavities.

What are some causes of anger?

Stress, the environment, abuse, money problems, family situations, situations that are too overwhelming (school, work, and family commitments), frustration, a lack of self-care time, and not being heard.

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How Much Does Anger Management Cost?

Online program for anger management $187 Condensed private session costs $355 for a 1.45-hour session. Your health insurance plan may cover the fees or the cost. 

To Alberta Blue Cross, The Co-operators, The SSG, Financial Group, Equitable Life, Quick card, and GreenShild, we provide Direct Billing.

If you do not have health insurance, fees may qualify for a tax credit. I am a qualified “medical practitioner” who can deduct medical costs from my salary. My fees are tax-deductible medical costs that you can list on your tax return. More details are available at the following link.

If you do not have any insurance or benefits to afford the expense of counseling and are on a low income, we offer a Sliding Scale Fee for a 16-session, one-on-one anger management program.

Urgent / Rush Appointment is available for private 1.45- and 3-hour anger management sessions, including evenings, weekends, and regular business days.