Edmonton Anger Management

Learn how to Control Anger

Are You Mandated to Take Anger Management by the Court or Workplace? Is anger taking over you and you want to save your family or failing relationship?

Morning and evening sessions are available • No waiting time– You can join at any point in the group

Think honestly about your answers to these questions:
Do you have trouble at work because of your anger?
Do people say you fly off the handle easily?
Is your marriage or relationship at risk because you argue too much?
Do you have road rage?
Do you get aggravated because people don’t act the way you think they should? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may have an anger problem. Our Anger Management class could help you.
learn how to stop your anger affecting you emotionally & physically. What anger is not. How to avoid shame spirals. Understanding the difference between rage and anger. Anger from the perspective of a child, adult, and parent. The regressive power of historical anger. How to manage stress plus techniques for resolving the conflict. How to stop taking things so personally.

 Short & long-term benefits
Feel immediately lighter and happier with yourself. Increase joy in your life. Understand how to orientate yourself towards healing. Reminds you of things you already knew but had
forgotten. Gives you a refreshing new look at yourself. Helps you create clear goals.  Learn how to express all your feelings, not just anger

A little bit more about anger management program

In our Anger Management program, you will learn the skills to recognize the signs of anger and taking the steps to deal with the anger in a positive way. Anger Management does not mean you should hold the anger. Anger is a  natural emotion when it is expressed appropriately.

How many session do I need to Attend ?

It all depends on the situation and varies person to person. The number of sessions you will require depends upon your particular problem, specific needs, the severity of symptoms, how long you have been dealing with the situation and how quickly you make progress. Also, while some problems may be personal, and require just a few sessions, others may include a variety of relationships, and therefore require more.

I have extended health plan, Do you accept the insurance?

Please confirm with your insurance provider if you have insurance benefits that cover counseling from a Registered Psychotherapist or Registered Social Worker, they may be used to help cover the cost of the class or individual counseling. We issue receipts that can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement.

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