Family Counselling

Family Counselling

Family Counselling ; A family cannot be happy unless all members of the family are happy. This not only includes the parents but the children as well. If just one family member is not happy or is having personal problems, then it will negatively affect everyone else in the family equally. Do not just wait for these negative feelings to go away on their own. One family member in constant distress will make the whole family dysfunctional. This will result in more arguments, disagreements, anger, depression, sadness, anxiety, and/or other emotional reactions.

As a registered psychotherapist, I am trained in helping family members overcome their troubles through communication. This is something that families cannot always do on their own. If there are enough negative feelings and resentments in the household, then all the monitored communication between family members will be purely negative and unhelpful. However, in a controlled therapeutic environment like mine, I will guide family members throughout the communication process.

Why Family Counselling is Needed 

Each family member will have the opportunity to express their innermost feelings in front of each other without any judgments or criticisms. Once everyone’s feelings are out in the open, I will offer my professional advice on what the next step should be in your family. It may require making difficult changes in the household or having one family member get additional counseling to overcome any personal issues that they may be dealing with. I’ve counseled plenty of families who’ve had members dealing with substance abuse, alcoholism, addiction, anger, depression, social anxiety, and violent behavior. They don’t always realize right away that their personal self-destruction is actually destroying their whole family too. But when they attend my family counseling sessions, I help them understand how their actions make their family members feel. This is often the biggest motivator in helping that person change their ways and become a healthier person for the sake of their family.

About Session 

It is preferred that all members of the family show up for the family counseling session. But if you cannot get them all to attend, then I can still counsel those who are willing to show. In most of these cases, it is the adults who show and the children who don’t want to come. The ones who do come will receive my expert advice on how to handle the problems in your household. If you have problematic children at home who are troubled and do not want to get help, you will learn what your options are for dealing with them. Remember that you as the parent are the head of the household. If you have family members who are creating an uncomfortable atmosphere, you don’t have to let it go on that way anymore.

Schedule an appointment for a family counseling session today and let me help you get your family back on the right track.

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