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Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety: Way To Deal With It

 Anxiety  What causes Anxiety Some negative thoughts cause anxiety. People face anxiety when they are nervous and worried, that something terrible thing can happen or will continue to occur from time to time. Anxiety is our mind’s reaction to our negative thoughts. Negative thoughts bring negative emotions such as irritation, frustration, sadness, worry etc. Moreover, that negative emotion causes adverse…

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depression Counselling

Are you struggling with alcohol or drug Addiction

Addiction Counselling Addiction changes more than the Individual struggling with alcohol or drug or dependency.  Addiction can have a negative blow on loved ones as well.  As a worried family member or friend or, maybe you’ve noticed changes in someone, and you suspect an addiction issues. Here are what signs of addiction should you look out? General Signs of Addiction Different…

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Struggle with Alcohol or Drug or dependency

Capacity Assessor Alberta Capacity assessment is a procedure used to determine whether an adult is still able to make his/her own decisions. There must be proof that the capacity assessments needed and the adult needs someone else to help make decisions. According to Alberta ADULT GUARDIANSHIP ANDTRUSTEESHIP ACT: “Capacity means in regard of the making of a decision about a…

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Anger Management Edmonton

Anger Management Program

Anger Management Program  Anger is a general human emotion that can create strong arousal of the “fight or flight” reaction. Anger is often a natural emotional reaction to frustration and pain. It is a learned reaction, and it can be unlearned with time and effort. Strategies and skills for controlling angry thoughts,  feelings, managing stress, and having healthy boundaries, solving…

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Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling; How to get back in Love with Your Partner Relationship Counselling; Sometimes it happens in a relationship when you feel less love with your partner you used to love previously. It is hurtful to have paused in a connection that makes you think desperate, or have questions about its future. At these times, even if you have lots…

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