Couples Counselling

Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling Does Your Marriage Feel Loveless? Can Counselling Help To Save Your Marriage?  Couples Counseling: Do you feel your marriage is going through a rough phase where nothing feels normal or good anymore? Or has it come across a dead end where you can’t turn around things? If you have been with your partner for a long term now…

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Teenagers Counselling

Edmonton Adolescents / Teenagers Counselling

Edmonton Adolescents / Teenagers (14 to 19) Counselling Teenagers Counselling; What is the first thought that surfaces on your mind when you think about psychological counselling treatment? Lying down in front of a person and sharing how you feel lately about life? Well, even if you don’t think of something as dramatic as this, there is a chance that your…

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Marriage Counselling Edmonton

Marriage Therapy

Marriage Therapy Marriage Therapy; Being in a relationship has its own set of challenges. However, it shouldn’t be so hard for a couple to admit that they need some form of professional help and guidance to mend their relationship. The fact that they believe they are always meant to together make a couple refuse help and take matters into their…

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psychotherapy depression

Psychotherapy & Depression

Psychotherapy & Depression  What is depression? Most of us have gone through the downcast feeling of blue moods at one point or the other. Majority of these are the result of stresses and disappointments in life, illnesses or other significant losses. Depression shouldn’t be mistaken for the usual feeling of sadness, bad moods, or feeling down. These are normal feelings. When…

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Anxiety Counselling

Anxiety: Way To Deal With It

 Anxiety  What causes Anxiety Some negative thoughts cause anxiety. People face anxiety when they are nervous and worried, that something terrible thing can happen or will continue to occur from time to time. Anxiety is our mind’s reaction to our negative thoughts. Negative thoughts bring negative emotions such as irritation, frustration, sadness, worry etc. Moreover, that negative emotion causes adverse…

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depression Counselling

Are you struggling with alcohol or drug Addiction

Addiction Counselling Addiction changes more than the Individual struggling with alcohol or drug or dependency.  Addiction can have a negative blow on loved ones as well.  As a worried family member or friend or, maybe you’ve noticed changes in someone, and you suspect an addiction issues. Here are what signs of addiction should you look out? General Signs of Addiction Different…

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