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Body Language Basic Course Online Classes | Canada | Certificate | Fees

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Body Language Basic Course Online Classes | Canada | Certificate | Fees


  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week available
  • Instant certificate upon completion of course requirements
  • Start anytime, self-paced
  • Quiz for self-assessment
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Body Language Basic Course Online Classes Canada Certificate Fees
Body Language Basic Course Online Classes Canada Certificate Fees


Online Body Language Course

Body language is just as crucial to human communication as verbal language. Suppose you observe the expression, motions, and overall carriage of an individual as they say something. In that case, you can infer or that they are either friendly, angry, sarcastic, or apprehensive, just to name a few.

We are, at least from our perspective, probably the most expressive lifeforms on this planet. It makes sense, as body language is beneficial and adding additional information to what is otherwise a limited form of communication. Verbal language is powerful, but it’s somewhat limited. Body language course helps you learn the basic and the dynamic of the body language so whenever you meet someone or go for an interview or take public apparencies you can represent yourself with a confident and a charming body language.

What is Body Language Basic Course?

When you read text on your phone. Suppose the text has no special efforts made to account for tone and body language. In that case, it’s straightforward to misinterpret the nature of the text. This is a big reason why things like emote gees are considered even professionally acceptable nowadays.

They are a way for us to add a sense of tone and body language to text, at least on a fundamental level, allowing us to flavour what we say in ways we have long evolved to expect.

What are some of the pitfalls of body language?

One of the biggest things with body language is to learn to focus on body language that can’t be misinterpreted due to cultural differences. This is a multicultural world. As a result, you will be working with people from very different upbringings heralding from various places around this planet. Certain parts of body language can be very other in different parts of the world.

An unfortunate example of this occurred during the second Gulf War. In the Western world, holding one’s hand up and out means “halt.” In too many Arabic cultures, however, this is a gesture of welcome and beckoning. This resulted in local villagers approaching a checkpoint and mistaking the halting motion as a signal to come. This resulted in these individuals being fired upon.

There was no malicious intent on the soldiers’ part, nor was there any calamitous intent on the part of the drivers. It was an unfortunate misinterpretation of a simple gesture that cost lives.

Online Body language Classes

The benefit of body language classes is many but once you understand how beneficial it can be you’ll be amazed by it. In most workplaces, the stakes are quite that high. Still, it illustrates how powerful and dangerous body language can be. An example of taking measures to avoid this can be seen in Disney cast members.

All cast members, which every employee at a Disney park is called, are trained to never point with fingers in a direction or at a person or object. Instead, they hold her hand with the Palm upturned and gesture in said direction. No known culture can misinterpret this negatively, but every one can easily understand that they indicate an order with this gesture.

It’s not just about cultural differences, however. Body language can either enhance the authority of what you’re saying, the authority of your position, or he can sabotage this in the eyes of people around you. If you’re fidgety, you slouch a lot, shift your gaze around a lot as you speak, etc. then you will not come across as confident, competent, or trustworthy.

Show signs of being uncomfortable around a specific demographic, for whatever reason. They will pick up on it and may have less than favourable views of you as a result, whether they are justified or not.

Online Body Language Workshop

A big part of this comes down to facial expression and where you point your eyes. I contact highly valued in Western culture. As much as we all wish it weren’t the case, this can be a problem when one is around it attractive member of the gender one is attracted to. Every instinct in the human body demands that the eyes survey the form, figure, and appearance of a beautiful individual, but that’s not appropriate in a professional environment.

12 Modules of Body Language Course

Module 1: Getting Started with Body Language
Module 2: Communicating with Body Language
Module 3: Reading Body Language
Module 4: Body Language Mistakes
Module 5: Gender Differences
Module 6: Nonverbal Communication
Module 7: Facial Expressions
Module 8: Body Language In Business
Module 9: Lying And Body Language
Module 10: Improve Your Body Language
Module 11: Matching Your Words To Your Movement
Module 12: Wrapping Up with Body Language

Benefits of Body Language Course

• Instant certificate upon completion of course requirements
• Quiz for self-assessment
• Start anytime, self-paced,
• 24 hours a day, 7 (Seven) days a week available.
• The course can also be taken on any device

Online Body Language Course Fees

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