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Self Awareness Course Online Classes | Canada | Fees | Certificate

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Self Awareness Course Online Classes | Canada | Fees | Certificate


  • Work on any device
  • Quiz for self-assessment
  • Start anytime, self-paced
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week available
  • Instant certificate upon completion of course requirements


Online Self Awareness Course

Online Self Awareness Course

Self-awareness is the key to individuals’ success because once you know yourself you make better decisions, you build healthy relationships, and your communication improves. You express yourself and stop lying, cheating, and stealing, around.
Self-Awareness tells you about yourself, which you can learn through the self-awareness course.

What is Self-Awareness Course?

Self-Awareness Course is the way of learning self-awareness techniques that helps you to learn Types of self-awareness. Once you know self-awareness methods, you can identify yourself and see what’s wrong and what needs to be changed.

Types of Self-Awareness?

Self-Awareness is of two types.

1. Internal Self-Awareness
2. External Self-Awareness

What is Internal /External Self-Awareness?

Internal Self-Awareness and External self-awareness are both points of view; People divide this into two types to understand its working. Like if you want to know your inner self, you’ll call it internal self-awareness.

But when it comes to knowing surroundings and how others see us, it is called external self-awareness. Both are one, but the method you learn from the self-awareness course helps you see your own internal and outer self.

How do Self-Awareness Course/Classes help?

Studies have shown that people are more robust and more intelligent than they seem or less smart and strong and strong what they show up because we do know our self until we know how to see our inner self and see how others see us.

For that self-awareness, the course teaches you about the procedure that helps you learn the methods you can apply to yourself to see what you indeed are. Once you examine yourself, you’ll get to know that you are more what you think.

And sometimes it can crash your false belief which you developed while lacking self-awareness. But either way, it helps you learn about yourself and gives you a chance to improve and become a better version of yourself.

12 Modules of Online Self-Awareness Course
  • Module 1: Getting Started with Self-Awareness
  • Module 2: What Is The Self?
  • Module 3: Awareness Of The Physical Self
  • Module 4: Time Management
  • Module 5: The Emotional Self
  • Module 6: Mood Management
  • Module 7: The Mental Self
  • Module 8: Interpersonal Awareness
  • Module 9: The Spiritual Self
  • Module 10: Limitations Of Self Awareness
  • Module 11: Independence Versus Interdependence
  • Module 12: Wrapping Up with Self-Awareness
Benefits of Online Self-Awareness Course

• Instant certificate upon completion of course requirements
• Quiz for self-assessment
• Start anytime, self-paced,
• 24 hours a day, 7 ( Seven) days a week available.
• The course can also be taken on any device

Online Self-Awareness Course Fees

Price: $107.00





Yes, Once you fill the requirements for this course.
$107 Is the fees
No, As Quiz is included in Modules so you to go through with it.
You can purchase through our website all you have to click on buy button and than complete the process.
Yes, it is helpful to all individuals.