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How can Counselling Services in Edmonton support children’s mental health?

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children’s mental health

The Importance Of Children’s Mental Health

When a child grows up, they undergo different changes, both physically and mentally. Being a parents, people always tend to focus on their child’s academics, grades, homework, and teacher. But it is equally important to pay attention to your child’s mental health. Studies have shown that anxiety is more common in today’s children. When a child is suffering from mental health illness, they can even attempt suicide. As a parent, what can you do?

  • Teach them to empathize:

    Rather than involving yourself in your children’s gossip about their friends, teach/encourage them to avoid being harsh or judgmental. Always try to be positive in front of my children. This can help your children to learn perspectives, values, and ethics.

  • Communicate:

    As you all know that communication plays a significant role. Have a conversation with your children and ask them what’s going on. Sometimes try to listen to their concerns. Try to understand their emotional state before giving out any solutions.

  • Teach them to deal with their relational problems:
  • If your child is having some issues with their classmates, let them deal with them directly instead of you stepping in and solving the rift.
  • Keep a limited time with electronics:
  • If you are always on the phone, it gets very little time to interact with your children. Try to keep your phone away and spend the crucial moments in connection with your child. This will not only help them to open up but also encourage them to talk about their insecurities.

It’s never too late to ask for help. Always try to address your child’s mental concerns early. Reach out for help from a therapist. For more information and support on mental health, you can also visit Edmonton Counselling Services.  Edmonton Counselling Services is located at South Side Edmonton at 2923 66 St NW, Edmonton. T6K 4C1.