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How Online Addiction Counseling Can Transform Lives

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Internet addiction is a term used to describe excessive use of the internet. Typically, it results in a side effect in a person’s daily life. While the internet is a very helpful tool to learn about many things, excessive use can lead to addiction. Addiction can lead to many disadvantages in the body and lifestyle. Excessive internet use can impact your relationship, work, and other things.

The internet can affect a person physically or emotionally. The most common signs are sudden weight gain or loss, lack of appetite, back pain, or headaches. Many people around the world are going through internet addiction and don’t even know. And they totally become dependent on the internet. Let’s indulge more in internet addiction habits.

What is Internet Addiction?

Internet addiction is excessive internet usage to the point that many obligations are overlooked. The condition promotes harmful behaviors that are also present in other forms of addiction, such as the constant urge to experience the same high and lack of concern for one’s relationships, income, or employment. The impact of the internet develops with time more and more. The addict grows more and more reliant on using the internet and other online devices after spending a significant amount of time on them.

Internet addiction makes the person fully involved in it and unaware of what is happening around them. During this period, the person’s brain, in a few seconds, wants to stop the use of the internet and, in another few seconds, intends to use it eagerly. This is usually the symptom of internet addiction, and they need therapy to free themselves from it.

What Are The Impact of the Internet On Different Ages?

The effects of internet addiction on people of different ages:

Impact on Adults

Adults using the internet can encounter depression and anxiety. Also, addiction among adults can affect their relations with their loved ones. People often develop obsessive-compulsive symptoms and aggression signs that can disrupt their personal as well as social lives. Therefore, in many cases, people also use harmful substances to stay awake so that they can use more of the internet.

Effects on working professionals

A professional person can have adverse effects on their professional lives. Internet addiction can highly make their work performance go down and cause them to lose their self-confidence. Furthermore, internet addiction is a danger factor with implications for occupational satisfaction and mental health. This can cause an unhealthy work-life harmony and harm family dynamics. A person can get deeply stressed out, making things even worse. It is now better to get help from an edmonton therapist.

Effects on kids:

Internet addiction is now commonly seen in kids, too, and it negatively impacts a child’s physical and mental health. Kids with overuse of the internet or addiction to the internet can have issues with sleeping, getting lazy, lack of attention, increased risk of becoming obese, getting irritated, being stubborn, and having higher chances of developing anxiety and depression. Parents should allow their children to be involved in other activities like arts and crafts, dancing, singing, sports, or swimming classes. This helps children to bypass the addiction. Children who have mobile, tablet, or laptop addiction usually fall sick more and also reduce sleep time.

Kids are getting more involved in online games and activities, impacting their mental and overall health. This can become a problem in the future, so talking to an edmonton therapist online can help solve this problem. With years of experience, counselors can help reduce their addiction slowly and make them more attentive and playful.

What are the treatments for internet addiction?

Internet use is one of the most common issues in today’s generation. As the internet has everything to tell these days, people frequently use it to solve their problems, whether searching or just scrolling for fun. People are becoming so dependent on the internet that they can’t imagine their lives without it. Looking at today’s internet addictions, many treatments are used for internet addiction.


Those who have acquired an internet addiction due to underlying mental health disorders like despair or stress may benefit from medications. Medication can help people gain their lost insight and support and reduce the signs of stress and despair, including antidepressants and anti-anxiety ones. Treatment through medications has shown promising results, such as decreased non-essential and essential internet use and improved control over internet use.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

CBT is a popular method for treating internet addiction. Its main goal is to improve the unfavorable mental patterns that lead to anxiety and addictive behaviors. Patients who got medicine through pharmacotherapy and modified cognitive behavioral therapy significantly improved their daily habits and emotions. Throughout treatment, patients become more confident enough to control their online usage.

Group Treatment:

Many people get significant results with group support. In group treatment, you will find many people going through the same disorder. This helps people talk to each other about their experiences, which is a safer place to discuss their thoughts. Helping to reduce embarrassment and social isolation. This treatment allows people to restart their lives and concentrate on better things. Also, multi-family group therapy has shown many beneficial results for people of all ages and reduced internet usage.

Inpatient Treatment Program:

Inpatient treatment programs consist of the patients residing in a professional staff facility. In this program, the patients are supervised by experts to help them heal soon through their addiction. However, this process allows people with an addiction to recover quickly without internet usage.

Winding Up:

Each of us uses the internet for many different purposes, but increasing the limit of our daily internet usage can slowly become a habit and usually an addiction. An internet addict must see a therapist to overcome this addiction, to stay aware of their surroundings, and relief from mental health problems. Using the internet is good for learning and understanding things. But ensure that you don’t get addicted to it. This can impact your daily life, attentiveness, mental health, and overall health.

So, don’t let any type of addiction control your life, and stay attentive every time. If you or your loved ones need any help, you can contact Edmonton Counselling Services to get the most benefits from internet addictions.