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Why Kids Need Privacy?

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Kids and their Privacy; Smartphones and social media are nearly irresistible for teenage kids these days. Almost every teen seems to be addicted to their phone. It becomes a challenge for their parents to manage privacy and freedom on digital grounds.

 Are you concerned about your child from those internet predators? Confused about how much privacy to give them? Parents seem to snatch phones from their children as a punishment. But that is just not the right way.

Importance of  Kids and Their Privacy

We will discuss with you the ways to measure privacy online:

 Awareness is first:

Teach them about online threats and several ways to protect them. Give a brief knowledge about Cyberbullying so that whenever they face it, they can come and talk to you. Set ground rules on where to use the phone. Provide guidelines for the type of content they should upload on social media.

 To read or not to read:

Teens should have their privacy as adults. They need their own space at this age. Spying on kids results in a terrible action. Giving them freedom is appreciable, but kids should also know that their parents have a full right to check on their phones if needed. It is just like a mutual relationship.

 Rebuild trust:

Rebuilding trust can take time if your kid has taken the freedom for granted earlier. In such cases, build some ground rules. Explain to them the reason behind your snooping and apologize. Teach them not to repeat mistakes. Trust your child and their age.

Nowadays, most teenagers have more online friends than offline. Treat your child with respect and keep open communication. Parents should always offer freedom in fields of technology so that they themselves explore things, learn, and grow. Make sure to let them have a healthy as well as safe environment socially, both online and offline.  A registered therapist in clinical counselling at Edmonton Counselling Services provides teen counseling to help parents and families with their emotional issues.

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