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Anger Management
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Online Anger Management

Online Anger Management workshop by Edmonton Counselling Services; Aggression, hatred, violence, and anger- these are very prevalent parts of our life. It is normal for a man to become angry.  Healthy Anger may help you in increasing your willpower and determination to reach the ultimate success such as vocal against injustice, or getting frustrated when something is not right.  However, while this anger turns out to be chronic and uncontrollable, it affects your health, relationship, and mind. It depends on how you are managing your anger.

How anger affects your physical and mental health

When you constantly have a stressful life, it may be bad for your health. For instance, chronic anger would result in diabetes, heart disease, a weak immune system, high blood pressure, and insomnia. Anger also reduces your mental energy. It prevents you from thinking clearly. You may not be able to concentrate on work when you are angry. Thus, it is crucial to manage and control your anger.

While you are angry, your body will show some symptoms

  • Clenching your jaw or hands
  • Feeling flushed or clammy
  • Headaches
  • Faster breathing and a pounding heart
  • Tensed shoulders

Ways to manage anger

With little effort, you can control your anger. Still, when you cannot do it, you can undergo anger management training. This specialized training enables you to learn the way of staying calm and feeling positive. In the case of corporate life, employees have to manage their workload. Employers should also control hostile feelings. In your personal life, you must not vent your frustration and anger on your spouse.

Online Anger Management

You know that anger affects your relationship with dear ones. When you argue with your spouse, you have a target to win the argument. Instead of doing it, you have to maintain and strengthen the relationship. Another common issue to us is to focus on past grievances while becoming angry. The right step for us is to solve the present problems to prevent anger.

Online Anger Management class can be taken anytime from anywhere. You can do it on your mobile devices such as a cellphone, iPad, or computer and internet connection. If you like you can also attend the anger management program one to one at the Edmonton Counselling Services office located at 2923 66 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6K 4C1, Canada. The program is taught by a certified therapist, Master in Clinical Counseling.

Anger Management Online Class

The Edmonton Counselling Services offers 100% online classes;1-Day Private Sessions. These programs are court-accepted and often are recommended by lawyers, peace offers, and courts. No waitlist, start any time from anywhere, learn at your pace. The online anger management program comes with Immediate access to your anger management class certificate upon completion.