How Does Counselling help With Fighting Depression?

How Does Counselling help With Fighting Depression?

Depression Counselling :

Depression is one such thing that affects almost everyone at some point of time in life. 91% of people go through minor or major impacts of depression in their lives. If you are going through life without having any interest in living it to the fullest or thoughts of ending your life for once and all occur to you then it is high time you seek the help of professionals. At Edmonton Counselling Services, you can avail the necessary help and support to face the reasons that are responsible for your current state of mind. A clinical therapist will guide you through this difficult time and show you the blinding light at the end of the tunnel.

Depression: Why Does It Happen?

 There is no definite answer to this. A wide number of reasons can be responsible for causing depression. It is often the result of a series of events which are triggered by personal factors. Life events like being a part of an uncaring or abusive relationship, long-term unemployment, prolonged work stress, loneliness, and so on can cause depression.

Other personal factors which can trigger depression are as follows –

Family History – If depression runs in your family then you are at high genetic risk.

  • Personality – Those who suffer from low self-esteem or find it hard to criticism or are negative and self-critical are also at risk here.
  • Medical Illness – The worry and stress involving coping up with serious illness especially chronic pain or long-term management can result in depression
  • Alcohol and Drug abuse – This often goes hand in hand.

All of these issues need to be addressed and that too fast. Consult with mental health therapist to find more about psychological counseling treatment and how it is beneficial to finally enjoy life. You will not only move forward in life but also learn how to handle stress and other problems efficiently.

The Impact Of Depression On Our Mind and Body

 If you think depression only affects the mental or emotional health of a person, then you need to understand that the damage it can cause isn’t limited to this. People suffer from a series of physical health problems due to the effects of depression. This is a very complex form of mental health condition which causes low mood and a persistent feeling of hopelessness. When grief or trauma exceeds more than two weeks then it is serious and that is the time when a professional like me can help you out. The effect of depression on our body –

  • Loss or gain of weight – A change in appetite is experienced by people going through depression.
  • Chronic Pain – Unexplained body pain or aches especially headaches, muscle pain, and breast tenderness
  • Heart Disease
  • Inflammation
  • Sexual Health Problems

One needs to address the ongoing changes in their physical and mental health. There is absolutely nothing wrong to seek help for it will have a life-altering impact. At Edmonton Counselling services, I have helped people to recover from their ongoing worries and show them how life is so much more than that.

You need to seek the help of a professional 

 Depression counselling is an important way you can handle bipolar disorder, mood disorders, and depression. A trained therapist like myself will help you cope up with your feelings, address the change in behavior patterns, and solve problems associated with your symptoms. Everything that is bothering you no matter how minuscule can be discussed at counselling sessions at Edmonton Counselling services. If life has stopped exciting you then make an effort to feel better about yourself. .

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