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How often do you swipe through your mobile screen for entertainment and other purposes? With a few clicks, you can buy tickets or shop for products. Similarly, you can schedule your online counselling session for treatment. Virtual therapy is the right alternative if you cannot visit the therapist’s clinic. Let us learn more about online counselling.

What is online counselling?

Online or virtual counselling is a perfect alternative to face-to-face, traditional counselling. Professional counselling is highly effective in treating mental and physical health issues. You can connect with qualified counsellors, psychologists and therapists using internet technology. There are options for choosing any online media, including

  • Mobile apps
  • Email
  • Text messages
  • Video conferences
  • Other platforms that allow conversations

How effective is counselling online?

Online counselling is a new way to provide therapy. Most people who have undergone online counselling claim it is effective, like in-person therapy. From a privacy and security perspective, online counselling is advantageous, and you can openly discuss your health issues. Online therapy lets you interact with a certified specialist anywhere and anytime.

However, the effectiveness of virtual counselling depends on some factors. For instance, you should connect well with the therapist to make counselling successful. While attending the counselling session, you will learn something from the counsellor. So, it is essential to apply those things in a real-life situation. Besides, it would help if you transformed your lifestyle to have positive effects. An efficient therapist knows how to use technology to treat patients and facilitate the recovery process. 

Why is face-to-face interaction important for therapy?

Non-verbal cues and body language are vital for every communication. Your posture, mannerisms, facial expression, and tone of voice will make the communication more meaningful and effective. Non-verbal communication has some subtleties that are important in every therapeutic setting. A therapist can easily identify inconsistencies and issues between your non-verbal and verbal responses.

  • Accessibility
  • No matter where you are, you can easily connect with your therapist. It is the biggest advantage for those who reside in rural and remote areas. Moreover, physically disabled persons do not need to attend the clinic for therapy. 
  • Cost-effective

A therapist can conduct online counselling only through the Internet. Even patients have found it affordable, and the therapist does not need to rent out the commercial space. Similarly, patients can avoid the cost of commutation. 

  • Convenience

Virtual counselling is convenient and flexible because it gives you a chance to schedule your appointment at a convenient time. Some therapists are also available 24 hours to serve patients.

  • Social stigma

Social stigma is the biggest concern for patients with mental health issues. They feel uneasy about meeting the therapist directly and sharing details. That is why virtual counselling is the right choice for mental patients. It also allows patients to get therapy anonymously.

  • Different communication methods

You will find multiple modes of communicating with online therapists. Some counsellors rely on instant messaging, while others prefer online chat and video calls.

How does virtual therapy work?

Like traditional therapists, online therapists, and counsellors start their sessions after asking a few questions-

  • Your goals:It gives you an idea of what you will achieve with online therapy.
  • Things causing anxiety and stress: Your therapist must understand your condition well. 
  • Your relationship, personal history, and family details- By knowing about relationships, he can make out your interactions with others. Your family history is also vital for online therapy.
  • Worries and fears: The therapist wants to know the cause of your anxiety.

What are the disadvantages of online counselling?

  • Some people find putting their emotions and thoughts into written words challenging.
  • Online counselling may not be effective for people with serious psychiatric issues.
  • There is a risk of miscommunication between the therapist and the client. Sometimes, the therapist cannot understand the body language and non-verbal cues, even during video calling sessions.
  • Weak and unstable internet connection affects the consistency of the therapy.

What  mental health professionals provide online counselling 

Various mental healthcare specialists who offer online therapy are-

  • Psychologists– With psychotherapy, they evaluate your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Many psychologists have acquired a doctoral degrees and earned a reputation in the field.
  • Psychiatrist– will treat your mental condition by prescribing medicines.
  • Family and marriage therapist– With a counselling session, he solves various concerns. 

Various types of online therapy services

Online counsellors provide different types of therapy-

CBT focuses on transforming your behaviors and thoughts. It is effective for treating depression and anxiety. You will learn the way to remove your negative thoughts. The therapist will even teach you the relaxation technique to make you feel better.

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

  • During a 50-minute DBT session, the therapist will discuss your feelings, thoughts, and several other things. You can manage your emotions efficiently. 
  • Eye movement desensitization

Desensitization and reprocessing of eye movements is an online therapy to reduce your trauma. The therapist will ask you to follow his finger continuously with your eyes. 

  • Psychodynamic Therapy

If some issues of the past are unresolved, you can choose psychodynamic therapy.

  • Group therapy

You will get a chance to socialize during group therapy. This online therapy lets you develop a healthy relationship. You will also gain confidence and minimize social anxiety.

  • Family therapy

If you have issues with your family relationship, family therapy is the right choice. The counsellor quickly solves your family conflict, as the therapeutic session promotes healthy communication.

You can now look for the best online counselling for your mental health. Virtual therapy can help you treat both physical and mental issues. 


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