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Couples Communication problems are the number one reason for the unhappiness that couples experience. Each partner wants to be right while the other is deemed wrong. The blame game is all too familiar to anyone who is married or has been in a long-term relationship. One partner will attack the other partner by pointing how they are wrong or the problems they are causing. Then, the other partner will respond by doing the same thing. It just becomes a trend of back and forth bickering that simply degrades the quality of the relationship. No couple should have to live like this.

Issues with Couples Communication

Issues with Couples CommunicationEven if one partner is trying to make a reasonable effort to establish good communication, the other partner might make it impossible. If one partner refuses to listen or compromise during an argument, then nothing is ever going to change for the couple. The relationship will just continue to have repetitive arguments that will not only hurt their feelings, but it will hurt the feelings of their children if they have any. Don’t forget that children listening to arguments may develop feelings of sadness and depression themselves. Keep this in mind the next time you refuse to come halfway in fixing the Couples communication problem.

If you are facing challenges in your relationship, then couples counseling may be the one thing that could save it. I am a registered psychotherapist who has helped dozens of couples sort out their problems and determine what they really want out of their relationship. Sometimes those relationships work out while other times they don’t. However, the true benefit you get from couple counseling is quality communication with your partner. As a therapist, I act as an unbiased moderator that simply asks questions and gives advice. My goal for each session is to not take sides but rather to assist couples in reconnecting with each other and understanding each other’s viewpoints in the relationship.


How a therapist can help improve  Couples Communication

As a couple’s therapist, I always emphasize the importance of Couples communication. My sessions create an environment where couples are told to listen to their partners and have an open mind about what they’re saying. If a disagreement or conflict arises during the course of a session, I am there to moderate and attempt to offer reasonable solutions that are logical and sensible for both partners. What I try to get couples to understand is that trying to be right all the time or always trying to prove yourself is not necessary. If two people truly love each other, then that love is all they need to prove. Nothing else outside of that love actually matters in the scheme of things.

Strategies for Couples Communication

The best way to improve your communication as a couple is listening. How often do you offer to listen to your partner without being overly critical? If you just took the time to listen to their concerns, fears, anxieties, and worries, you might find that you won’t be as judgmental of them. Instead, you will feel empathy and compassion for their feelings. This is the beginning of rebuilding that special connection which brought you two together in the first place. My couple’s therapy sessions can help you get started to improve the couples communication skills. Feel free to book your appointment today

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