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Substance Abuse Professional SAP Edmonton, Alberta

Welcome to Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) services in Edmonton. We are here to help if you’ve come across a violation of the D.O.T. drug and alcohol program rules. Our substance abuse counselor is an expert in assessing people in these situations and providing complete solutions.

Our substance abuse counselling takes a holistic approach and includes counseling, therapy, follow-up testing, and aftercare support. We are aware that addiction can be stubborn and terrifying and can affect people in various aspects of life. But taking the help of our experts for advice is a significant move toward a better future.

How SAPs In Edmonton Can Help You?

Our Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) services in Edmonton offer a comprehensive range of substance abuse treatment aimed at addressing substance abuse issues, ensuring compliance with D.O.T. drug and alcohol program regulations, and supporting you on your journey to recovery. These services include:

If you are seeking help, our Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) in Edmonton conduct careful assessments. Our professionals use interviews, tests, and a review of your history to figure out the depth of your substance abuse issue. This helps our professionals in crafting a personalized plan to guide your recovery.

Treatment Recommendations:
Once your assessment is complete, our substance abuse counselor offers personalized treatment recommendations to fit your needs. Recommendations can vary, including educational programs, counseling, or therapy. The goal is to lead you toward the best treatment.

Follow-Up Testing:
At last, our professionals create a clear schedule for follow-up tests to track your recovery. These tests happen regularly to make sure you’re sticking to your treatment and staying away from substances. The SAP decides how often these tests occur and if you can go back to your safety-sensitive job.

Bharat Sharma, Clinical Counsellor

Bharat Sharma, a qualified Substance Abuse Professional, boasts an impressive array of qualifications and substantial experience in clinical counseling and addiction. With designations like Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling, Canadian Clinical Supervisor in Addiction, and Mental Health Clinician, he is well-equipped to provide expert guidance. Bharat Sharma’s journey spans over a decade, where he honed his skills in both hospital and community addiction settings.

Bharat Sharma’s specialization lies in critical areas such as safety-sensitive workplace assessments, Fit for Duty evaluations, and return-to-duty processes within his private practice. His distinction as a Canadian Certified Supervisor in Addiction and recognition as a Substance Abuse Professional by the United States Department of Transportation underscore his expertise. Notably, his commitment to clients is evident through comprehensive psycho-bio-social assessments, ensuring tailored treatment options and maximizing the potential for successful recovery.

Dr. Bharat Sharma

SAP Assessments For Legal Compliance

You can be asked for SAP Assessments for various legal reasons like:

Child Custody Cases:
In cases involving child custody disputes, the court may require an SAP assessment to determine the impact of substance abuse on a parent’s ability to provide a safe environment for the child.

Alcohol and Drug Charges:
Individuals facing legal charges related to alcohol or drug offenses may need an SAP assessment as part of their legal proceedings to assess the severity of their substance use.

D.O.T. Violations:
Violations of Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) regulations, such as positive drug or alcohol tests in safety-sensitive jobs, necessitate SAP assessments to determine fitness for return to duty.

Role Of Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) In D.O.T. Compliance

It is important that you understand the role of Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) in D.O.T. compliance.

Regulated Jobs:
Safety-sensitive careers, like bus or truck drivers, train conductors, pilots, and heavy equipment operators, fall under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation (D.O.T).

Random Testing:
Workers in these safety-sensitive roles are subject to random drug and alcohol testing to ensure they are not under the influence while on the job.

Positive Test Consequences:
If an employee tests positive for drugs or alcohol, they are required to stop performing their safety-sensitive duties immediately.

Clearance Process:
To return to work, an individual must go through a structured return-to-duty process under the guidance of a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP). You can clear it with a substance abuse counselor.

SAP Certification Online Appointments For Your Convenience

Our professionals are equipped with thorough knowledge and experience to provide the best treatment with:

Bio-Psycho Assessment:
Our substance abuse counselor conducts comprehensive bio-psycho assessments to determine the client’s treatment level, considering psychological, biological, and social factors.

Clinical Judgment:
With clear clinical judgment, our professionals identify the most suitable treatment level, ensuring the client receives the most effective support for their addiction.

D.O.T. Compliance:
D.O.T. mandates that assessments must be performed by a Qualified Substance Abuse Professional, and our certified S.A.Ps meet this requirement.

D.O.T. Referrals:
If you have undergone a D.O.T. assessment, our Certified S.A.Ps provide the education and treatment programs recommended by referring substance abuse professionals.

Online Appointment:
We offer SAP Certification Online Appointments for convenience and accessibility, allowing you to seek help more efficiently. To book an appointment, click on the button below:

Substance Abuse Professional Near Me

Sometimes, in your state, you might not want to travel far. That is when you can take the help of a Substance Abuse Professional Near Me for the following reasons:

In-person assessments are ideal if you’re located near our facility, offering a convenient and immediate option for those in our vicinity.

Direct Interaction:
With in-person assessments near you, you can directly interact with our substance abuse counselor, which allows for a more personal and immediate connection.

Real-Time Support:
SAPs can provide real-time guidance and answer questions, ensuring you have the necessary information to move forward with your SAP assessment.

Some individuals may feel more comfortable and at ease discussing their substance abuse issues and treatment options in a familiar setting.

Immediate Assistance:
For those seeking quick assistance, our substance assessment professionals near you offer a prompt solution, connecting you with a certified SAP in your local area for immediate support. To get this assistance, click on the button below:

Alcohol Addiction Counselling

Seeking professional help for alcohol addiction is of paramount importance for many reasons. The survey conducted by an anonymous organization serves as a powerful testament to the efficacy of alcohol addiction counseling. The statistics reveal that a substantial 87% of individuals who chose to access professional assistance managed to free themselves from the grips of alcohol addiction at an earlier stage of their journey. This stark contrast to those who endeavored to combat their addiction in isolation underscores the transformative power of professional support. The structured treatment, evidence-based counseling, and personalized guidance offered in our counseling sessions significantly enhance your prospects of not only achieving recovery but also doing so at an accelerated pace. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, this data highlights the significance of seeking professional help as a critical step toward a healthier, addiction-free life.

One Step Ahead Addiction Counselling

Discover the transformative power of Edmonton’s one-step-ahead addiction counseling. Many individuals who once battled alcohol, drug, or gambling addiction have emerged as addiction-free individuals, leading fulfilling everyday lives. By participating in our counseling sessions and embracing the guidance of our professional addiction counselors, they acquired unique techniques to regain control over their lives and overcome addiction. Visit our “One Step Ahead Addiction Counselling” page to learn more and take the first step towards a brighter, addiction-free future. Your journey to recovery and a fulfilling life starts here.