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Grief And Loss Counselling Edmonton

When you lose somebody, you are always in disbelief that one day they will ring your doorbell and surprise you, but when reality hits you, you go into a shell and disconnect yourself from the outer world. At this time, counseling for grief and loss can help you overcome this loss.

We understand that you have known this person for a long period of time, and the void created by their sudden departure can be difficult to fill, but you have to get up and accept what has happened. To make this a little easier, counselling grief and loss can assist you.

Understanding The Grief Loss

It is essential for you to understand that the person has gone. Only after that, you can move forward. This will bring a number of emotions varying from restlessness to anger. These can be a result of many resentments with this person that you never got to settle or many unresolved feelings. You might think of the times when you have said some hurtful or mean things to them that you want to take back or the good things you wanted to say but never did.

If things like these remain unresolved, it can affect your life in many negative ways. And it will not be limited to emotional or mental suffering; rather, it will affect you physically also.
The weight of guilt and sorrow can consume your life and can have a negative effect on your productivity and other aspects of life. This is where the counseling strategies for loss and grief come into the picture.

Bharat Sharma, Counsellor

Meet Bharat Sharma, your committed therapist, for dependable guidance through life’s most trying times. Bharat Sharma is addressed as a leading expert in the industry because of his years of experience and genuine dedication to helping people cope with loss and grief. To meet your specific requirements, his style encompasses a holistic fusion of understanding, empathy, and strategies founded on solid facts. Bharat Sharma provides individualized counseling sessions that are in line with your unique goals, whether you are dealing with loss, grief, or other personal difficulties.

Bharat Sharma creates a safe space where you may openly express your emotions to discover your thoughts by being friendly and nonjudgmental. His area of expertise is assisting people in their journeys of self-discovery, resiliency, and the quest for a healthy existence. With him by your side, look for comfort and transformation.

Dr. Bharat Sharma

Why Grief Loss Counselling Is Necessary?

You can’t take everything in by yourself. You need grief and loss counselling for the following reasons:

Physical Symptoms:
The grief and loss counselling becomes necessary for you when you experience physical symptoms like stomach or chest pains because of the overwhelming emotional pain and sadness.

It is necessary that you move forward in your life, but it does not mean you forget them. You need grief and loss counseling to remember that person’s memory in a positive which will help you to help moving forward with your life.

Honor Their Memory:
The grief & loss counselling can teach you to honor the memory of your loved one by helping you to learn to live a fulfilling life that reflects the wishes and values of the departed person.

Unsaid Words:
You need to speak those unsaid words or emotions to move forward in life positively. The grief and loss counseling Edmonton can help you address the unsaid words, which will allow you to find closure.

How A Grief And Loss Counsellor Can Help You?

After the departure of your loved one, you can not go back to your normal life easily. You need the help of a certified grief loss counselor like the Edmonton Counselling Services for the following reasons:

Emotional Support:
When you lose someone, emotional support in a proper manner is the thing you need the most. A grief and loss counselor understands that, and they can provide you with a safe space to express and process your overwhelming emotions.

Counsellors are trained professionals to understand your emotional pain and provide you with the right guidance. They can guide you in this tough phase to overcome it positively. And they will make sure that you do not take any wrong steps.

Reclaiming Your Life:
A grief and loss counselor can help you to get your life back on track by assisting you in addressing any regrets or resentments and taking the pain and sorrow of losing your loved one, allowing you to move towards happiness.

What Is The Process Of Grief Counselling In Edmonton?

Our professionals understand that you have lost a dear one, so to help you, they follow a conversational method that goes like this:

Initial Meeting:
In this first stage, our professional will set a comforting atmosphere so that you feel at ease. Then, they will ask you about your relationship with the deceased person, your feelings, and other necessary questions that will help them to understand your situation and needs better.

Setting Goals:
After the initial assessment, our professional will try to fixate on what you want from this grief and loss counselling Edmonton. These goals can be in the form of the resolution of regrets, personal growth, or emotional healing.

Using Best Approach:
Our professional will choose the best possible approach for your case. This can be in the form of talk therapy, art therapy, or a mix of both according to your specific needs. This will help you in resolving unsaid feelings.

Progress and Feedback:
Throughout your counseling process, our professional will monitor your progress and will make regular changes in the approach used in your case.

Guidance for Moving Forward:
At last, our professional will assist you in finding a path forward in life. They will provide you with guidance on how to live with your loss and move forward.

It is important to note that this is a general procedure that our professionals follow. It can vary from case to case. If you are struggling with your dear one’s departure, contact us today for the best assistance by clicking on the button below.

Grief Counselling Near Me

With the loss of your dear one, you do not want to go too far for counseling. That is why it is best that you choose grief and loss counseling near me for the following reasons:

The first and foremost reason to choose grief counselling near me is the convinence because, in grief, you do not want to travel much. Choosing a nearby counselor offers you the convenience of accessing support without having to travel far.

Familiar Surroundings:
In these difficult times, it can be very comforting to be in a familiar environment for a sense of comfort and security. It will also help you to open up easily to the counselor.

Immediate Support:
You would always wish to get help as soon as possible whenever you are sad. A nearby counsellor ensures you can receive immediate support when you need it most.

Low Stress:
If you go to the grief counseling near me, you can avoid the added stress of long commutes or extensive searches for a counselor. Instead, you can give this time to your emotional and physical health.

To know the best grief and loss counselor near you, click on the button below.

What Are The Benefits Of Grief Counselling Online?

It is likely possible that you do not feel like going outside for traveling or any other purpose. At this time, you can take online grief and loss counseling for various benefits like:

Convenient Accessibility:
If you don’t want to step outside of your home, online grief and loss counseling offers you a convenient way to seek support from the comfort of your home. Alongside that, you can opt for online counseling if you do not wish to go in person.

Virtual Sessions:
If you are out of town for some work, online grief and loss counseling provides you with an option to take your counseling sessions virtually on your phone or laptop without hindering your professional work.

Enhanced Communication:
If you do not want to talk in an unfamiliar atmosphere, then online grief and loss counseling can help you by providing you the option to take the assistance of our counselor from your home. This will help you to express your feelings better.

One of the major benefits of online grief and loss counselling is that you can afford it at a very cost-effective price.

If you are looking for accessible and affordable Grief Counseling from your home, online Grief Counselling is a perfect option for you. Book an online appointment by clicking on the button below and get instant help with your grief and loss.