Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling; It is a wonderful feeling to be in a relationship with someone that you love or care about. That is why it can be equally painful and upsetting when that relationship starts to develop problems. The cause of these problems is usually quite complex and cannot be sorted out on your own. Couples that constantly find themselves arguing and disagreeing are not creating a healthy household for themselves. If there are children in that household, it will be even worse for them because they must hear all the negativity between the two partners. If you don’t want to get counseling for your own sake, at least do it for the sake of your children

Why Couples Counselling

Why is it that so many relationships have problems these days? Well, there are a lot of obstacles facing couples in the 21st century. There are inadequacies and confusion related to sexuality, gender, parenting, communication. Also, the overall quality time that you spend together. Perhaps you both are working a lot and never have time for each other. In worse scenarios, your partner may have cheated on you and now you aren’t sure whether to forgive them or not. Whatever the case may be, couples counseling is the best way to determine if the relationship is worth saving.

If you are facing challenges in your relationship, then couples counseling may be the one thing that could save it. I am a registered psychotherapist who has helped dozens of couples sort out their problems and determine what they really want out of their relationship. Sometimes those relationships work out while other times they don’t. However, the true benefit you get from couple counseling is quality communication with your partner. As a therapist, I act as an unbiased moderator that simply asks questions and gives advice. My goal for each session is to not take sides but rather to assist couples in reconnecting with each other and understanding each other’s viewpoints in the relationship.

Couples Counselling

The hardest part about couple counseling is getting your partner to show up with you. Since it is “couples” counseling, it will require both partners to come to the counseling session together. After all, how can a relationship problem be overcome if both partners are not willing to put forth the effort? If you suggest couple counseling to your partner, they may become defensive and say something like “there is nothing wrong with me. I don’t have the problem.” But if they truly care about saving the relationship, they will put aside their pride and come to the session out of their love and respect for you.

Edmonton Counselling Services provides private and confidential couples Counselling.  All sessions are conducted in a quiet environment where each partner is free to express their feelings. I will be there to counsel both of you throughout the entire session and answer any questions you may have about what to do next in the relationship. Feel free to book your appointment if you need short out some of your relationship issues.