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Emotional Intelligence Online

Have you tried to notice your feelings? How would you understand your feelings and the reasons behind those feelings? Emotional – Intelligence refers to the unique ability of our mind to manage, perceive and reveal the emotions in the most effective way. Thus, to gain this ability, you may go through an Emotional Intelligence training course.

 The skill you achieve from Emotional Intelligence training

In 1990, Peter Salovey and Jack Mayer had defined EI has the potentials for controlling the feelings and using them to guide the action. However, some specialists think that EI also denotes the capability of managing others’ emotions. By pursuing the training course, you can-

  • Regulate your emotion and others’ emotion
  • Apply emotions to solve problems
  • Identify and name the emotions

EI skills are valuable in any business. For instance, the clinicians may need to deal with families, having a chronic illness. While they have Emotional Intelligence, they can make out the way of controlling their emotions. In different other businesses also, EI is much useful to help staff in identifying the underlying issues at the workplace. Moreover, it will prevent anger and frustration.

 Emotional Intelligence training for employees and employers

A significant part of the workforce of most of the companies will comprise millennials in future years. These tech-savvy employees always look for companies, which are socially aware. They also prefer companies, giving them much value. Thus, they make sure that their emotionally intelligent employers would help them in their growth.

Similarly, employers also search for emotionally intelligent workers. Although some of these workers may have an average IQ level, they will still outperform others, having a higher IQ. The primary reason behind it is that emotionally intelligent staffs have social and personal competence. That is why both employers and employees must concentrate on Emotional Intelligence training.

This program is provided online workshop/learning by Edmonton Counselling Services. You can start at any time and finish it from your home at any time.

Mode of Learning: Online: Mobile learning through a computer, iOS, or Android, so you can stream video lectures from anywhere.
Emotional Intelligence Online