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Anger counselling

Do you  have Anger Issues

Feeling angry like any other response that we have is normal under certain experiences that we have in life. It is one of the most basic human emotion that occurs when we feel we are under attack or insulted, deceived, or frustrated. Anger is our mind’s way of relieving all the built-up tension and built up energy. However, when we express anger all the time it surely becomes a serious problem. Excessive anger often causes further health problems with worse symptoms. When anger reaches a level that it gets out of control, it ends up being destructive and has a toll on an individual’s relationships, career, and well-being. Do you feel you are getting agitated at the slightest things? Then, it is time to consider the benefits of psychological counselling treatment. Edmonton Counsellor  will help you to take care of the chemical and psychological changes that your body is facing due to anger during anger counselling.

Physical signs when  you are angry.

  • Do you start breaking things or face explosive outbursts?
  • Have you ever involved in physical violence out of anger?
  • Do you argue a lot?
  • You lose your temper very quickly
  • You always have the urge to lash out either verbally or physically.
  • Mind goes blank
  • Insult the other person
  • Face turns red
  • Body or hands shake
  • Start sweating
  • Throw things
  • Heavy or fast breathing
  • Stare at the other person aggressively
  • Scowl or make an angry face
  • Scream, raise a voice or yell
  • Clench fists
  • Feel sick to the stomach
  • Punch walls
  • Feel hot
  • Become aggressive
  • Become argumentative
  • Go quiet and “shut down” Crying
  • Pace around the room
  • Headaches
  • Can’t stop thinking about the problem

How can Anger Counselling  help ?

It can feel scary when you can’t find ways to manage or control your anger. You might need to learn the coping methods and ways to deal with your uncontrollable anger issues. And these are something that Edmonton Counseling services can help you with. From identifying the cause that makes you angry to change the response you have when you are angry, learning skills, and communicating effectively – you will have a chance to learn it all.

Feel free to book an appointment for private anger Management counselling.