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Understanding Alcohol Addiction

 Addiction counselling

Addiction Counselling; A simple piece of advice is the best solution for many problems ranging from corporate world hazards to personal issues. When dealing with issues like drug or alcohol addiction, a little sound advice can be the first step towards a better and brighter future. Undoubtedly, addiction counseling plays a vital role in the treatment of an addict. A few words of hope can change the life of an addict.

What is addiction counseling?

It’s a specialist field that employs techniques drawn from multiple clinical and medicinal disciplines. First of all, the counselor will talk to the patient to learn about the root cause of the addiction. It may involve medication to get rid of drugs like alcohol, heroin, etc. Counselor’s prime objective is to make the patient believe that he could live without the abused substance.  The addiction therapist will teach patient coping mechanisms to fight the urge to return to using the abused substance. He/ she will also try to find out the hidden psyche of the patient that may be the cause of abuse and addiction.

What is an addiction?

It’s a medical term used for a wide range of mental issues concerning ‘Substance Use Disorders’. These disorders include Cannabis Use Disorder, Stimulant Use Disorder, and Alcohol Use Disorder, just to name a few. Despite different disorders, symptoms and root causes of addiction are the same in most of the cases. Addiction includes an inability to stop or cut back, frequent use, cravings to use, and prolonged use of a substance. The consequences of drug addiction resulted in the conflict between relationships, social behavior, and deterioration in physical health.

Why do addicts use drugs?

The main problem with the addicts is that they’re unable to express their emotions and feelings in a healthy way. An inability to deal with life and inner conflicts prevent them to live a normal life. In order to get an escape from the responsibilities, they use different substances to calm their nerves. However, it is only a short term solution. This is why they take repetitive courses of drugs. They avoid their feelings; whether ecstatic, happy, sad or depressed. As a matter of fact, addiction thrives on an inability to cope with feelings, driving addicts to use.

Is addiction counseling an effective method?

Yes, it is. People often feel shy or hesitant about visiting a counselor for an addiction counseling session. At times, they are afraid of the procedure, questions and even they’re not convinced about the positive outcomes. In fact, addiction recovery is a complicated and prolonged procedure. However, with addiction counseling, it’s more systematically and easily achieved. Addiction counselor has an understanding of how addiction works and how it manifests itself in folks. For the reason that all humans have different behavior, the counselor will customize the addiction counseling sessions. It’s a multi sessions counseling procedure. The counselor helps the individual to fight the emotional and physical challenges to overcome the addiction.

How addiction counseling helps the addict?

The main motives of addition counseling revolve around two fundamentals:

How to substitute the addiction with a different and positive program

How destructive addictive behavior is

Addiction counseling is not only helpful at the initial stage but you must continue it on a regular basis. The counselor will help the individual to learn healthy activities and how he could place them in his daily routine. Gradually, the addict will start taking full control of his life. After that moment, he can stop the addiction counseling session. Even after that, if he ever thinks about restarting the substance, he must immediately consult the addiction counselor.

Final thought

Life is beautiful and with a little help, you can bring it back on the track. Never hesitate to discuss your issues and concerns because there is a solution to every problem. Stay happy and keep smiling. If you need addiction counseeling feel free to book a private consultation at Edmonton Counselling Services  by click at “Request Appointment” button.