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Work Life Balance Course Online Classes | Canada | Fees | Certificates

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Work Life Balance Course Online Classes | Canada | Fees | Certificates


  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week available
  • Start anytime, self-paced
  • Work on any device
  • Quiz for self-assessment
  • Instant certificate upon completion of course requirements


Work Life Balance Course Online Classes Canada Fees Certificates
Work Life Balance Course Online Classes Canada Fees Certificates

Online Work-Life Balance Course

We have a personal and professional life. In both our professional and personal lives, we have some roles to play. However, due to the increasing stress in our professional life, we cannot balance everything. That is why work-life balance has become one of the critical trends in the present age, but with the help of work-life balance, you can learn managing techniques that you can use later in your personal and professional life.

Online Work-life balance Classes

Work-life balance classes are highly effective, and it helps to self-learn work-life balance methods. It never indicates an equal and accurate balance- Surely, it is not easy to allocate the same number of hours between personal and professional activities. Still, you have to ensure fluidity in your life.

Work-life balance- It can vary in due course

When you think that you are enjoying a balanced life today, it may be different for the future. For instance, you need to make some adjustments while choosing a new career or have recently married.

  • No definite scheme for work-life balance
  • What is suitable for your life may not fit others’ lifestyles. Thus, you have to think differently about your own life.
  • Reasons behind the imbalance of personal and professional life-
  • The increasing use of Cloud software and mobile technologies has made it easier for workers to remain involved in work for long hours.
  • Thus, it has blurred the difference between personal and professional life.
Retaining the balance to prevent health issues

A healthy work environment is effective at promoting work-life balance. By maintaining the balance, the employees would be able to decrease the stress level. You know that stress and hypertension may result in other issues, including heart disorders, chronic pains, and digestive problems.

Moreover, the employers, working overtime hours, also have a chance of feeling tired and irritable. Thus, employers have to make sure that the workplace environment is promoting a balanced work life. This would make the workforce highly productive.

How Work-life balance will benefit

With this course, the individual will be managing their time the best way. Better time management skills will help other aspects of life; the person will be working less and producing more results. This program will teach how to focus on the essential things, set precise and achievable goals, and communicate better with your friends at work and your loved ones at home.

12 Modules of Online Work-Life Balance Course

  • Module 1: Getting Started with Work-Life Balance
  • Module 2: Benefits Of A Healthy Balance
  • Module 3: Signs Of An Imbalance
  • Module 4: Employer Resources
  • Module 5: Tips In Time Management
  • Module 6: Goal Setting
  • Module 7: Optional Ways To Work
  • Module 8: At Work
  • Module 9: At Home
  • Module 10: Stress Management
  • Module 11: Working In A Home Office
  • Module 12: Wrapping Up with Work-Life Balance

Benefits of Online Work-Life Balance Course

• Instant certificate upon completion of course requirements
• Quiz for self-assessment
• Start anytime, self-paced,
• 24 hours a day, 7 days a week available.
• The course can also be taken on any device; desktop, Laptop computers, Smart Phone or Tablets that have access to the Internet.

Online Work-Life Balance Course Fees

Price: $107.00




This course is for both.
No, you dont need, but if you are having other issues you can consult with a therapist.
Yes, It helps you to understand and learn the techniques of work-life balance.
Yes, Once you complete the requirements of the course
Yes, You can.