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Things You Should Know Before Stepping into Counselling


Counseling EdmontonAnxiety, nerves, frustration, and sadness—are your mind and heart bombarded with all these feelings when you think of starting therapy? Believe me; you are not alone. It can be quite scary to sign up for counselling sessions. But it is a journey that will only lead you to a greater sense of self-awareness and a state of positivity and contentment.

At Edmonton Counselling Services, I provide the holistic mental healthcare that you strive to achieve. Having said that, the decision-making process to going for counselling can be immensely confusing if you are not equipped with a list of things you should keep in mind.

Here’s where I step in to guide you through the overview of things you need to know. Shall we start?

 The role of Counselling Services in mental health and well-being

As a therapist, I recognize and appreciate the fact that the beauty of humankind lies in its diversity. The reason behind your desire to undergo therapy might not be the same as your friends or even your siblings, no matter how similar your interests. Moving from one’s hometown, sudden death in the family, childhood trauma, sudden loss of employment—these are only a few of the triggers that can make you feel as if all is lost. As you will find me holding your hand when you initially feel anxious when you start venting all your pent-up emotions as well as when you breathe a sigh of relief when a day’s session is over. Are you ready to ready to embark on this journey of finding sublime happiness with my help?

The four things you should keep in mind before starting to undergo counseling
The true reality of progress

You should always start by asking me about what pace you can hope to achieve (during and after our sessions). Check-in with me periodically to ascertain whether the goals you had set at the beginning have been accomplished. I will give you positive, solution-oriented feedback on both the growth and lapses that you might have undergone concerning the short-term goals and keep you always motivated.

  • Live in the moment; write everything down

Once you enter the safe space of therapy that I would have kept meticulously prepared, all emotions will come tumbling out of you. Therefore, articulating the severe issues with which you might have grappled since the past few months or years might get ignored in favor of the minor problems. To get the most out of your therapy session, I will recommend you to write all your feelings on paper so that you can organize your thoughts in a coherent manner.

  • Crying is okay

Deciding to start therapy is akin to ripping off a band-aid—though it is momentarily scary and painful, it makes you feel glad in the long run. In my experience, most people feel overwhelmed during their first session while reliving past traumas. It can be hard, especially if you are someone who likes to keep his or her feelings to oneself. Just know that you have taken a step in the right direction, and Edmonton Counselling Services is where you will finally find your peace of mind.

  • Insight does not equal professional help

You might have an in-depth idea about the problematic behavioral and cognitive patterns that cause stress and make you feel depressed. But this insight cannot be a substitute for the professional help that therapists,  can provide. My expert therapeutic interventions will help you draft an action plan to alleviate sadness and suffering and regularly discuss how you can implement it in your life.

 Counseling Edmonton;  Don’t wait around any more. Leap of faith and Edmonton Counselling Services will catch you every time before you fall! If you are looking for counseling to short out any of your personal issues feel free to book an online appointment today by clicking the ” Request Appointment” Button.

Counseling Edmonton

Bharat Sharma

Discover a new way of getting well. Bharat Sharma is a Holistic therapist. Get to the root of your problems and overcome these using state-of-the-art neuro-scientific tools. Bharat is passionate about helping you reach your potential and achieve optimal health. He provides individual clinical services to adults, children, and couples and thought-provoking and inspiring workshops to various sizes of groups. Contact him if you are ready to let go of your past, reach your goals, and heighten your vibration! He was born in India and received his Doctor of Medicine ( Alternative medicine) and Master's degree in Social Work equivalency in Alberta. He is a Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling, Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (U.S. DOT), Canadian Certified Clinical Supervisor, and a Registered professional counselor in Alberta. He is practicing in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, for over ten years and speaks English, Punjabi, Urdu, and Hindi. The Eastern culture, philosophy, and spirituality have always fascinated Bharat. Therefore, he uses a practical blend of contemporary Western wisdom and ancient Eastern tailored to his clients' needs. Being a holistic counsellor, he acknowledges that the human spirit is intricately involved in healing the total person—mind, body & soul.

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