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The hectic pace of modern life causes most people to experience stress and anxiety occasionally. The feeling of being stressed can be activated by trying to deal simultaneously with multiple competing demands, causing edginess or frustration. Anxiety is a condition feeling of fear, worry or uneasiness. Is often described as a “fight-or-flight” physiological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived attack or threat to survival.The body freezes, the heart races, people get flushed cheeks, pale skin or trembling limbs, because of a scare, for instance. This is the situation when person needs Stress Management.

stress Management

When need the Stress Management

When need the Stress Management Stress and anxiety are not always harmful, and many people find ways to cope with such occasional situations. It is common to feel anxious, unsure or tense if you must face a new job, take an exam or move home. However, when these feelings become dominant and long-lasting, interfering with daily life, it may indicate a more significant psychological issue. If you found yourself avoiding situations due to unreasonable fears, always worrying or feeling overwhelmed by everyday events, then it may be time to seek professional help for stress Management. While many people argue that one can achieve some form of symptom reduction and adopt some strategies to deal with anxiety on their own,

 the results may be temporary or incomplete. It is true that some physical activities like yoga, meditation, massage or traveling may help to improve your mood. However, without addressing the underlying causes of anxiety, its potential to return may prove relentless.

My comprehensive experience as a professional Anxiety Stress Management Therapist in the City of Edmonton, AB, provided me evidence that the most effective way to treat anxiety, with lasting results, is through the blending of personal counseling with some self-help strategies. The rate of success increases when compared to other recovery approaches.

Causes of Stress & Anxiety

Stress & Anxiety Causes
Anxiety is caused by getting used to living underwear entirely and stress fully patterns. Sometimes, the feelings of fear, uneasiness, and panic, sleeping problems, dry mouth or shortness of breath are insidious and invade people’s lives without being detected or related. In fact, the underlying roots of anxiety are usually morbid beliefs, thoughts, behaviors, and actions. Unless these underlying factors are properly and professionally addressed, conditions remain for anxiety to resurface. Thus, the role of the psychological counselor is to make sure that the underlying causes associated with anxiety are successfully identified and resolved.

Stress, anxiety, and depression are not the only psychologic conditions affecting people in their daily struggles. At the clinic, our therapy counseling services support individuals dealing with life transitions, loss, grief and with couples seeking marriage counseling. A therapist will share his/her personal experience and insight to help you understand your condition, grounded in your individual situation and requirements. By working together with your counselor, you will be able to identify the underlying factors associated with your circumstances, recognize how they developed and where they came from. The process of Stress Management, emotional healing will allow the next step of setting up a personalized recovery plan, providing tools and strategies to result in a healthy change and finally lead a more stress-free Life.  Book your appointment to meet a certified counsellor.

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