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Why Is Pre-Natal Counseling Important For Expectant Parents?

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Pre-Natal Counselling

Pre-Natal Counselling

Pre-Natal Counselling ; Pregnancy is a beautiful and miraculous time in the life of a couple. However, no matter how eagerly you anticipate the birth of your child, you are likely unprepared for it. Not only do parents experience a ton of stress and emotional distress during pregnancy, but also relationship issues. Pregnancy can put a strain on your relationship if your bond is not 100% solid before the baby. Not only will it affect the pregnancy but also the baby after it arrives. If you’re expecting and are anxious about the next stage of life, you can seek therapy.

How can pre-baby counselling services help?

Pre-Natal Counselling, can help you understand what to anticipate when the baby comes. Couples often experience a ton of issues after the birth of a baby. From the distribution of responsibilities to body image issues, a wide range of problems come to the forefront. First-time parents often experience anxiety about their ability to care for the child. At Edmonton Counselling services, I understand that having a baby could be very scary for someone. I can help you know what to expect and how to deal with the complicated emotions you experience. With a blend of individual therapy and couples counselling, I can help you combat your fears and anxieties.

What are some of the common issues that require prenatal counseling?

Some of the general issues that require a great deal of prenatal counseling can be studied as follows. The significant points can be studied under a few broad topics. These are:

Couples Issues: These are some of the most common issues experienced by couples after the birth of a child:
  • Different Parenting Philosophies: If left unaddressed, these issues may become severe enough to ruin your relationship with your partner. It is essential to understand each other’s perspectives before the baby comes and agree on parenting styles.
  • Struggles in Communication: Couples often assume that all their issues will be magically fixed when the baby comes. If you are currently struggling with communication, couples counselling at Edmonton Counsellors may help.
  • Unequal chor Distribution: Couples often don’t have a plan for how the responsibilities of the baby will be distributed. This can spell trouble for your relationship and will cause friction.
  • Maintaining intimacy during the transition to parenthood: This is another common area that couples struggle with. With couples counselling, you can understand how to increase intimacy in the bedroom and regain that spark.
Individual Issues: These are common issues that new mothers face after the birth of the baby:
  • Antenatal depression: Post-partum depression and antenatal depression are prevalent and severe problems that require therapy and counselling.
  • Antenatal anxiety: This includes anxiety about their ability as a parent and can be experienced by both mothers and fathers. It also includes anxiety about the baby’s health and upbringing.
  • Body image issues: With the changes in your body during and after pregnancy, a host of body image issues may surface. Talking to a therapist can help you feel more positive about your body and prevent eating disorders.
  • Unplanned pregnancy: Unplanned pregnancies can cause a lot of anxiety in the mother, especially single mothers about sustenance. If you have an unplanned pregnancy, you may want to go for prenatal counseling. This can help you understand your options and future responsibilities.
  • Feeling overwhelmed: New parents often feel overwhelmed when the baby arrives.
  • Previous perinatal loss: if you have experienced a previous miscarriage or otherwise perinatal loss, you may experience increased stress and anxiety. Talking about these emotions to a therapist can help you work through these emotions before the baby arrives.
When to visit for counselling?

Ideally, you should visit for counselling as soon as you find out that you are expecting. This can help you be familiar with both what to expect during your pregnancy and post-birth.  You can book your appointment at Edmonton Counselling services today, and let’s embark on the magical journey of parenthood together.