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How to Manage Stress With Stress Management Techniques?

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How To Take Back Control Of Your Life?

Stress Management Edmonton: Yes, everyone faces stress at each moment of their lives, yet they carry on. We understand that it is tough to confront that you have a problem managing your stress levels. It can be scary to admit that you have let stress take control of your life. While everyone experiences stress, sometimes these stress levels are more than what we can handle. If you have been feeling anxious and nervous all the time and feel like you are headed toward a breakdown, stop. It is important that you breathe, take a step back and ask for help. At Edmonton Counselling Services, you can get counseling to regain control of your mental health. With a counselor like me, you can address the root causes of stress and learn how it affects you. Furthermore, you can learn effective ways of managing your stress levels that are suited to your individual needs.

How To Manage Stress With Edmonton Counselling Services?

Stress management is a crucial part of any individual’s healthy mental adjustment. While everyone faces stress on a daily basis, everyone’s threshold and reactions to stress are different. It starts becoming a problem when stress starts impairing your ability to function normally or causes extreme anxiety. This is where therapy comes in. When you walk into the Edmonton Counselling Services office, I will assess the effects that stress has on you. With subsequent sessions, I will determine your stress’s root causes and teach you how to navigate it. Therapy has been proven to be the most efficient way to manage stress levels. Therapy does not guarantee that you won’t have any songstress in your life ever again. Rather, it focuses on teaching you skills to manage your stress.

Why Am I Getting So Stressed Out?

Stress can be caused by a wide range of issues. Stress can be caused by:

  • Relationship stressors– Birth of a child, marriage, divorce, break-ups, chronic illness in partners, infidelity
  • Financial stressors– Loss of job, sudden chronic illness of self or member of the family
  • Health stressors– disease, terminal diseases, communicable diseases
  • Work stressors– strict management, unrealistic deadlines, hostile environment, mismatched job
  • Psychological stressors– fears, insecurities, negative attitudes and perceptions, change, and unrealistic expectations of self

However, all stresses magnify to a problem level when you are unable to handle them. At Edmonton Counselling Services, I will help you to understand attitudes that promote healthier adjustment to stress.

How Does Stress Affect My Relationship?

When you are stressed out, you’re likely to lash out at someone you don’t perceive as a threat. Moreover, stress is contagious in nature. When your partner is stressed, you are also more likely to be stressed. In other cases, people may bottle up stress and, in the process, become more and more secluded. This often results in couples feeling like they are not able to “reach” their partner anymore. I can help you to understand the ways in which stress is affecting your relationship. By adopting positive modes of communication and a proactive attitude, you can rebuild your relationship with your partner.

How Do I Manage Stress?

The first step to stress management is to practice deep breathing. As simple as it may sound, this allows you to step back and re-evaluate the situation. When you introspect on your thoughts, you can assess the negative thought patterns in your brain. These negative thought patterns, like obsessing and worrying, are what lead our brains to experience stress. By challenging these negative thought patterns, I can help you manage your current stress levels. At Edmonton Counselling Services, we also focus on ensuring that you are capable of handling future stressors. By teaching you simple stress-relieving techniques, we can also help prevent future build-up of stress. With my expertise, we can build a life for you that is stress-free and in your control.