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Intimacy Counselling Online Couples Relationship Therapy Edmonton

Intimacy Counselling Edmonton

Intimacy is not just a romantic gesture between couples. It is a bond that connects each other where we are open and acceptable for everything in relation, whether it is a romance or closeness.

Nowadays, many couples are lacking the intimacy in their relationship that is causing so many relationship issues. As a result, you or your partner might think there are not interested in you anymore or feel left out.

You can achieve that intimacy again in your relationship with the help of intimacy counselling or therapy that will help you regain your partner’s love.

Why the Spark Fade in Relationship?

One of the most common complaints that couples have is the loss of spark in a relationship. They often chalk it up to slowly growing apart or differences or, often, extreme familiarity. Unfortunately, this “staleness” often creeps up into relationships after a few months or even years.

Couples often lose hope and start looking for extramarital affairs to fulfill their need for intimacy. However, there are a few definitive causes of why this happens.

At Edmonton Counselling services, I can help guide you through what causes the lack of intimacy in your relationship. I can help you find the spark back in your relationship by using couples therapy and intimacy therapy.

What Is Intimacy Counselling?

Intimacy counselling is essential to understand the idea of the ” bond.” This refers to an illusion of closeness that allows the couple to maintain an imaginary loving relationship.

The couples, in the meanwhile, preserve emotional distance. When this illusion pops, people realize that there is no real intimacy between them. The energy, affection, and independence once felt are now gone. As a result, you may start losing yourself and your partner in the quest to fuse your identities.

These lead to losing those unique qualities that attracted the partner initially. At Edmonton Counselling Services, I can help you restore these feelings and emotions to help restore the magic.

Do I need intimacy therapy?

It can be pretty challenging to identify that you are in a fantasy bond. If you are not sure whether you need intimacy therapy or not, here are a few signs to look out for.

Loss of Physical Attraction and Intimacy-

Couples often tend to experience a loss of physical attraction towards each other in a relationship. As they begin to fuse with their partners, it puts a significant toll on the relationship.

They start seeing their partners as an extension of themselves, and as such, they lose that chemistry. At Edmonton Counselling services I can help you view your partner as an attractive individual to restore your spark.

Fused Identity-

Couples often forget to maintain their separateness and to pursue what makes them happy as individuals. This leads to a loss of attraction that comes from the drive that comes from their uniqueness. However, maintaining their individuality can help you regain the intimacy within your relationship.

Disregard for physical or mental health-

When people reach a certain level of comfort in a relationship, they often care less about looks and hygiene. They usually gain weight or engage in an unhealthy lifestyle of drinking and low levels of exercise. These are often acting that protect us from closeness and shatter our self-esteem.

Mundane routine life-

In the early stages of a relationship, people try new things and share new experiences. However, couples forget the need to share these new adventures with their significant others with routine and ordinary life.


This doesn’t mean only talking about practical stuff. When was the last time you truly conversed about something meaningful? Couples often find they don’t speak anymore, which can lead to a loss of intimacy. I can help you with communication counselling to enable meaningful conversations to ensure increased intimacy.

Holding on to anger-

Couples find themselves holding on to the negative traits of their partners and building a case against them. This can be extremely harmful and can cause alienation and bitterness among partners. If you find yourself holding on to anger, visit me at Edmonton Counsellors today.

When should I visit the therapist?

If you experience any of the signs stated above or feel the distance in your relationship, see a therapist. At Edmonton Counselling, I can help you with my years of experience in couples counselling. By helping you understand your relationship issues, I can help you understand ways to bring the spark back.

Couples Therapy Edmonton

Couple’s therapy can help you to resolve all your relationship issues, including intimacy. Couple’s counselling is more popular than intimacy counselling. But if intimacy is the only issue holding you back or your partner, you must take an Intimacy counselling session because it is specially designed for intimacy relationship therapy.

Or, if you want to give a shot at Couple therapy, you can book a counselling session with our professional by clicking the below button.

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Online Intimacy Counselling

Sometimes it hard to go for counselling or we are too busy to take Counselling sessions outside. However, the space between you and your partner will grow more, so you can’t go for an in-person counselling session.

You must take Online Intimacy Counselling Session as effective as in-person therapy, and you can take this online session at your home with your partner on mobile or laptop.

All you have to do is book an online intimacy counselling session with our professional by clicking the below button.

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Intimacy Counselling Near Me

If you are looking for the best intimacy counsellor for your relationship from falling apart to help you, the intimacy techniques will spark your relationship. Then we can help you with that.

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