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Couples Therapy Edmonton 


Couples therapy is psychotherapy that enables you and your partner to work towards improving your relationship. If you have any difficulties in your relationship, you can contact a couples therapist for counseling and help. It will help in rebuilding your relationship.

It can address different issues, such as feelings of disconnection, recurring conflicts, external stressors, sexual problems, etc.


Why do people need couples therapy?

In couple therapy, the therapist helps the couple to recognize the problem that will be the main thrust of the treatment. They will also establish the treatment goals and plan a treatment structure for every counseling session. During the treatment, the therapist would help the couple gain insight into the dynamics of the relationship that creates problems and guide them to identify their roles in specific dysfunctional interactions. These insights will allow them to change how they see each other and the relationship.

Though insight-gaining is significant, it is also essential to change behaviors. The therapist will give the couple homework to practice the skills that they learned in therapy in their daily interactions. Therefore, couples can learn how to communicate effectively and understand their relational patterns to solve problems amicably with their partner.

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Advantages of Couples Therapy
  1. Improved understanding of relationship dynamics

The most effective advantage of getting couples therapy is that you start to understand the dynamics of your relationship. You will be in a position to realize whether you and your partner had some negative communication patterns. At the same time, you will also identify if there are common points of conflict between you and your partner. This will help you heal your relationship while creating a stronger bond.

  1. Resolving relationship roadblocks

In a relationship, both partners can struggle to deal with a specific topic. If you and your partner are having difficulties in addressing a specific issue, then couples therapy can help. It can also be beneficial if you have problems making a significant decision together.

These can gradually become a roadblock in your relationship. Arguing over whether to have children, purchase a home, or issues regarding parenting can create issues over time that need to be addressed to sustain a healthy relationship.

Couples will help you and your partner to recognize the actual issue. This will allow you as partners to remove roadblocks, figure out how to cope, and resolve them gradually.

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  1. Learning effective and strategic coping skills

To create a healthy relationship, you and your partner will require learning how to navigate properly. Knowing practical coping skills will help you and your partner to overcome challenging times together, and this will allow you to remove feelings of anger, stress, and sadness. Moreover, with the help of couple therapy, you will learn to deal with the present difficulties in your relationship. Also, how to manage any future challenges that may surface during your relationship with your partner.

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