Addiction Counselling

Addiction changes more than the Individual struggling with alcohol or drug or dependency.  Addiction can have a negative blow on loved ones as well.  As a worried family member or friend or, maybe you’ve noticed changes in someone, and you suspect an addiction issues. Here are what signs of addiction should you look out?

General Signs of Addiction

Different drugs or substances create different effects, so it not easy for you to know which drug your loved one is taking. While it may not be definite actions, you can tell that something seems odd. One drug may cause an individual to be excited  while another drug may creates lethargic.

Some common changes often can be seen, no matter what the substance is consumed. General signs of addiction may be:

  • Staying away from family and friends
  • Showing lake of of interest in activities they once used to enjoy.
  • Change in behavior, becoming  secretive
  • Defensiveness when questioned about alcohol or drug use.
  • Stared lying about the the use of the prescription drug
  • Change in behavior, having mood swings and erratic behavior

Everyone may not exhibit all of these signs, but you probably know her or him well enough to know that something is not right and its a different person.

You Can Help by:

Its the the time to encourage your friend or loved one to seek professional help now.

However, It is noticed the longer addiction continues, the more damage an individual does to her or his body and mind. So it can feel like addiction recovery is an impossible feat, but with right help, a person can soon be on addiction recovery.

Support your loved by telling that you’re there for her or him. Lots of people struggling with addiction and they feel alone. It’s very supportive for them to have someone with them. You might also attend addiction therapy with them as a family counselling. Or you can just let them know that you’ll do everything you can to support their soberness once they’re back to their life.

If you love someone, but you don’t have to accept their addiction or destructive behavior of addiction.  Let him or her  know you want them to seek addiction counselling because you care about them.

Addiction Recovery Is Possible

Located on South Side Edmonton, at 2923 66 St Edmonton AB. T6K 4C1, the Edmonton Counselling Services, would provide counselling for you or your loved one that encourages healing from addiction.

Our 8 sessions private counselling program features  a great deal of personal attention of individual counseling. Each session is customized depends on needs of the client.

Canadian Certified  Addiction Therapist and 

Canadian Clinical Supervisor – in Addiction Counselling

The substance abuse counselling  at our clinic covers:

Is addiction ruining your or your loved one’s life? It doesn’t have to be that way. The Edmonton  Counselling services is ready to help you on your road to recovery. Book your appointment today!

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