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Anxiety: Way To Deal With It

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What causes Anxiety

Some negative thoughts cause anxiety. People face anxiety when they are nervous and worried, that something terrible thing can happen or will continue to occur from time to time. Anxiety is our mind’s reaction to our negative thoughts. Negative thoughts bring negative emotions such as irritation, frustration, sadness, worry etc. Moreover, that negative emotion causes adverse action in the body such as sweaty, numbness, unable to sleep, etc. However, this is only a temporary occurrence for a majority of the population. However, what about those people who are continually undergoing the woes that worries and fears bring? This, persistent form of anxiety is not only troublesome but also fatal. Anxiety counselling can be of great help in this regard.

The Impact Of Anxiety On Body

Anxiety starts with your mind, but soon it becomes the source of physical symptoms. All of which is driven by a chemical reaction that is occurring in your brain but causing an elevation in heart rate, dizziness, tingling or numb hands, delicate stomach, and shortness of breath. These are genuine symptoms that are a part of anxiety and can be measured which runs out the part that you are imagining. What is happening here is your mind is failing to differentiate between an actual threat and an imagined one. So, your body starts to prepare you for the flight or fight mode all the time. The symptoms you experience is an outcome of that flight and fight mode so that you can finally fight and run from the false threat. The level of oxygen reaching other organs – brain and stomach decrease, and hence you start feeling sick. The lack of oxygen to the brain will end up causing a further disruptive chain of feelings and thoughts. People facing anxiety disorders are often aware of the chain of unhelpful thoughts they have on a daily basis but struggle to find a solution to put an end to it.

Dealing with anxiety

 When you continue to fill a bucket that already has water in it, sooner or later it is going to overflow. The same is with anxiety. If you continue to add stressors sooner or later, your body will give up. When your body starts giving you signals as if it is ready to fight a threat then you need to come in terms with the dangerous situation in hand and seek out help.

The best way you can cope with anxiety is by recognizing the trigger factors and changing the ways you think or feel. This will ensure that the chemical reactions that trigger such responses don’t get a chance to stop? However, is it as easy as it sounds,  not always, you might need a professional therapist with psychological counselling treatment. One such renowned place that you can rely on for anxiety counselling is Edmonton Counselling Services. The counselling treatment will be a combination of  Cognitive behavior therapy and exposure therapy to change in the thought pattern responses.

The benefits of  counselling in Anxiety

Counseling for anxiety is beneficial and is bound to help you lead a life free from worries.  A therapist can understand the situation that you are battling. Anxiety affects individuals in different ways, and it is a therapist that can recognize your symptoms, why you are facing such conditions and the underlying factors that are responsible for its cause. They will then formulate a highly personalized recovery plan explicitly based on the circumstances and unique situation that you are dealing. It is always better to seek the needed help of experts and talk to them.  You will finally have an opportunity to face your fears and get rid of them.

Don’t ignore your anxiety you are undergoing.  Take the first step, book an appointment for private and confidential counseling.