Mental Capacity Assessment

Capacity Assessment

Capacity assessment is a procedure used to determine whether an adult is still able to make his/her own decisions. There must be proof that the capacity assessments needed and the adult needs someone else to help make decisions.


“Capacity means in regard of the making of a decision about a matter, the capability to understand the information that is relevant to the decision and to appreciate the reasonably foreseeable consequences of a decision and a failure to make a decision”.

The Capacity Assessment Report is a required court form when making a co-decision-making, guardianship or trusteeship application. For a guardianship and/or trusteeship application, the Capacity Assessment Report (Guardianship or Trusteeship or Both) Form 4 must be used.

Why Capacity assessment is needed – to provide the Court with information to help determine whether a co-decision maker, guardian, or trustee will be required for an adult when it comes to making decisions about personal & financial matters. It is needed if a person cannot make a reasonable judgment about their own personal and lifestyle affairs, such as where they will live, and there are concerns about the decisions they are making, or others are making for them.  The decisions that a guardian can make depends on the Capacity assessment.

The assessment specifies the type of person and lifestyle decisions a guardian can make, such as: health care, including medical and dental treatment accommodation, including the type of housing required, where it is located and who the person lives with Employment

Access to services: Access to people, including restricting or prohibiting particular people from having contact with the represented person.

Capacity Assessment Fees

  • Guardianship/Co-decision making or trusteeship — $500
  • Guardianship and trusteeship — $700
    Extra  Travel cost may apply.

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