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Addiction Therapy Online Addiction Therapist - Edmonton Counseling

Addiction Therapy Edmonton

Addiction Therapy is effective because, as humans get more into technology, they are either getting depressed or isolated. Moreover, as much the new age kids and teens are getting depressed, they are going more into different types of addiction. That’s how habits are becoming a bigger problem nowadays.

The most common addiction is drugs, alcohol to gambling.

Drug Addiction Counselling Edmonton

Substance addiction is a very progressing and relapsing condition. Drug overuse can be characterized by repeated alcohol or drug abuse despite visible or invisible harmful consequences. Dependence depends on the user’s ability to control substance abuse.

These fuel substance addictions depend on two things.

• One is tolerance,
• Two is dependence.

Someone abusing drugs or alcohol or not depends on these two factors. Those who have developed a tolerance level to a specific dose have the urge to increase the quantity. Soon it turns into dependence.

Symptoms of Drug addiction: –

• Urge to consume drugs even when not having health problems.
• Increase doses to get the same effect.
• You can’t stop yourself from using (or abusing) drugs and alcohol.

Tobacco Addiction Edmonton

Tobacco is one of the most widely used addictive substances in the world. Nicotine in tobacco is the leading cause of its addiction. When absorbed in the bloodstream or inhaled via cigarette smoke, it causes an adrenaline rush. It also releases dopamine (the happy chemical) associated with the brain’s pleasure and reward area. Moreover, this is the case with cigarettes and happens with smokeless forms of tobacco like snuffs or chewing tobacco.

Symptoms of Tobacco addiction:

• cannot stop taking tobacco despite trying to quit.
• Smoking becomes a must after meals.
• Continues to smoke despite health problems.

Gambling Addiction Counselling

Gambling addiction is one of the most destructive dependencies in the world. It starts from “oh, it’s fun, let’s give it a shot” to an unhealthy and self-destructive obsessions obsession in the world.

Whether you bet on matches, roulette, poker, slots, or jackpot machines, gambling problems can strain your relationship big time. It can also interfere with your personal life, work and leave you in a financial disaster.

How does addiction start in the brain?

Whether it’s drugs or gambling or whatever, addiction starts with watching people in your surroundings, the close ones. Sometimes they say, “try it once and don’t have it again if you don’t like it,” whether in some cases, they say, “try it; nothing will happen.”

Moreover, this is how addiction starts in most cases. They are your best friends; they are your extended family. If they can try it, why not you? If they say it feels fantastic, then it has to be a tremendous feeling, right?

Moreover, this is how you start it. Then as time goes by, you liked the experience for the first time. You want to do it again, and then again and again. Moreover, this is how it becomes an addiction for you.

How does Addiction Therapy Work?

Addiction Therapy helps you to co-op with significant life situations. Sometimes incidents like a death in the family, break-ups, divorce plays a massive part in someone starting drug abuse. Edmonton Counselling can help you to heal those deep marks of your minds with psychotherapy too.
It helps you to co-op with past traumas and the reasons behind your depression. Here in Edmonton Counselling, I will help you to overcome your past trauma or depression.

Make you take care of yourself either before the addiction starts or even during the dependency.

You can come to Edmonton Counselling Services for addiction therapy to change your life, Live the life you deserved, not the life that will do nothing but destroy you.

Online Addiction Therapy

Online addiction therapy can help you to deal with your addiction issues no matter what your addiction is. Remember one thing “You can Be Addiction Free” all you need is professional help.

Online addiction therapy helps in a hard time when you decide to leave the addiction, but you don’t want to go for therapy sessions it becomes hard to stay sober.

But if you are taking online addiction therapy, you don’t have to go anywhere. You have to take online counselling at your home to take a session on your mobile phone and laptop.

Online Addiction Therapy

Certified Addiction Therapist and Recovery Specialist

I am an addiction therapist. My passion for helping others is what led me to the field of addiction therapy. I am a Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor (CCAC), Canadian Clinical Supervisor Addiction Counselling (CCS-AC). And I have been helping people with addictions for five years and have completed thousands of clinical counselling hours. My treatment approach is client-centred and holistic therapy to meet my client’s needs best and treat the root causes of the dependency.

My training is in relapse pharmacology, prevention, family education, concurrent disorders, youth & addictions, and problem gambling. I treat addiction holistically and progressively using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Solutions Focused Therapy, Acceptance, and Commitment Therapy.

Whether it’s your first time for addiction therapy or you have been on the recovery path for a long time – all of my patient solutions are intended to support you on your journey.