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Social anxiety is one of the more common fears that many people experience. Most people experience social anxiety when they are asked to give a speech or perform before others. However,  anxiety can take a debilitating form when it encompasses every sphere of human interaction. Anxiety in public can prevent you from developing meaningful relationships with others. We understand that it can be hard to talk about. You may feel that no one understands your point of view. It has devastating effects on not only you but your entire family and loved ones. When you visit Edmonton Counselling services, I can help you understand how your social anxiety affects you. With subsequent counseling sessions, I can help you get your stress under control. The counseling for anxiety can help you lead a more balanced and happier life overall.

How does social anxiety affect me?

The effects of social anxiety disorder can be studied as the way it manifests. For people who have a social anxiety disorder, everyday social situations can give rise to much anxiety. They often experience high levels of fear and consciousness about themselves. They may have to go to much effort to avoid public events or public speaking. The disorder can also prevent people from forming close friendships or meet strangers. The disorder often presents with feelings of disconnectedness and isolation. These can further contribute to severe eating disorders like bulimia or anorexia.

Social Stress disorder can also lead to persistent depressive disorders. It can also lead to disruption of relationships across spheres of a person’s life. Individuals may also try to reduce their symptoms through self-medication, alcohol, or drug use. These can negatively affect people with social fear and lead to paranoia and addiction. If you are experiencing these symptoms, visit at Edmonton Counselling Services, and I can help to manage the anxiety. By challenging negative thought patterns and acquainting you with self-soothing techniques, I can help you manage the symptoms.

What causes Social Anxiety Disorder?

Anxiety in social setting, disorder, like a broad spectrum of mental disorders, doesn’t have a single cause. It arises out of the interaction between genetics and environment. Anxiety is common in families with a history of the disorder. However, it is not yet known to what extent genetics or environmental factors affect anxious behaviors. There may be quite a few genes that are active in anxiety disorders. Other causal factors may include chemical imbalances in the brain. An imbalance in serotonin levels in the brain affects mood and emotions.

Moreover, an overactive amygdala can also contribute to a heightened fear response and social anxiety. When you visit a therapist, it can check for any underlying causes for your issues. Knowing the reasons can help you throughout the process of therapy and recovery. With an understanding of how to deal with your specific anxieties, you can lead a better-adjusted life. Take the first step towards healing by seeing a mental health therapist.

How can therapy help with anxiety-provoking situations?

Some simple strategies to deal with anxiety-provoking situations include:

  1. Deep breathing: Deep breathing helps to relax the body and engage the parasympathetic nervous system. Breathing exercise gets you away from the fear response and enables you to be calmer.
  2. Practice to face your fear: If you feel you are unprepared, you are more likely to experience anxiety. Prepare and practice what scares you over and over to increase your confidence.
  3. Relax: Yoga and meditation can be great tools to help you relax your body and mind to ease the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks.

At Edmonton Counselling services, you can get help and more techniques to manage your social anxiety levels.

Social anxiety Counselling

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