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Pre-Marital Counselling

Why Pre-Marital Counselling 

Premarital counselling; refers to a kind of therapy that is preparatory in nature. This type of therapy is done before a couple gets married. Premarital counselling helps them prepare for the realities of married life. This can help to ascertain that your relationship is healthy and strong. therefore, most people seek out counselling for their marriage when it’s too late. What they forget is that marriage implies adjusting to your partner and their family. This can require a great deal of effort on your part and can lead to strain on the relationship.

Premarital counselling can help you understand the realities of marriage and give you the best chance at successful relationships. They can help you identify any potential weakness in your relationship that could escalate into a problem later. If you are planning to get married soon,  you can visit me at Edmonton Counselling Services for pre-marital counseling. Through pre-marital counseling, I can help you navigate potential issues and give your marriage the best fighting chance.

Why does someone need pre-marital counselling?

By acting as an unbiased mediator, I can help you discuss sensitive topics that are associated with marriage. These include:

Communication skills:

Couples often are unable to communicate their feelings appropriately. They usually fall into patterns of shouting and arguments. By practicing practical communication skills with me at Edmonton Counselling services you can prevent these negative interaction patterns.


Couples often don’t talk about their financial situation before marriage, and this can lead to significant conflict. Having honest communication about your financial situation can be hard. However, with me as a mediator, you can do so with ease.

Your beliefs and values:

A mismatch in values and beliefs can lead to arguments in couples and the eventual breakdown of relationships. If you are looking to get married, communication can help you get on the same page.

Family roles after marriage:

This refers to the expectations you have after your marriage from you or your spouse. It is incredibly important to discuss how you will share responsibilities after marriage to prevent mismatched expectations.


This can be another potential source of conflict for couples. Mismatch in a desire to have children can often lead to divorces and hurt feelings.

Sex and affection:

With marriage, issues revolving around sex and affection can come to the forefront.


It is a good idea to discuss the division of responsibilities related to post-marriage decision-making beforehand.

Intra-family relationships:

Often, people forget that they don’t have to only adjust to their partners, but also with their families. It is crucial that you understand intra and inter-family relationships and dynamics before you enter the marriage.

Anger management issues:

If you or your spouse has a problem with anger management, it is likely to aggravate after marriage. It can be a good idea to go for pre-marital counseling in this case. This can ensure that you don’t drag that baggage into the wedding, which can create conflict.

Time-related issues:

With family responsibilities, newly-weds often don’t find as much time for each other. Pre-marital counseling can help you understand your partner’s emotional needs better.

How does pre-marital counselling work?

When you go for pre-marriage counselling you can discuss your relationship at length. The marriage therapist can help you to improve your ability to communicate with your significant other and teach conflict-resolution skills. With subsequent sessions,  you set more realistic expectations for your marriage. With pre-marriage counseling, you will be able to develop a more open attitude towards seeking help in the future. By discussing your needs and expectations, you will walk into the marriage with more realistic goals.

When should I go for pre-marital counselling?

At Edmonton Counselling services, you can meet me; I am a master practitioner in clinical counselling,  and I can help you to understand the strength of any areas of improvement in a relationship improve before your marriage. Do not wait for things to go wrong. Go for pre-marital counselling at Edmonton Counselling services today.