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Does Marriage Counseling Help After Infidelity?

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Affairs / Infidelity

Why, How It Affects The Relationships And How Does Counselling Help?

Affair or Infidelity is an action that violates modern-day relationships the most. It is an agreement between two people, either implicit or explicit, that harms a relationship. Affairs might begin as a friendship, and the connection increases over time. Platonic friendships, however, can also end up being an affair when the relationship between two friends become intimate on an emotional level and involves some degree of secrecy.

So, what are the leading causes that attract a committed man or woman towards another person of the opposite sex? Well, various reasons can lead to an affair. A few have been described here.

  • Disconnection: –

    This is a massive reason for those affairs out there. The feeling of drifting apart from your partner is one of the main reasons for affairs or Infidelity. Now, why does this feeling of being disconnected from your partner arrives? Well, the lack of communication or life dominated with the workplace or the kids might be the reasons for this feeling. Now, as psychologists say, the affair ‘doesn’t begin with falling in love with another person. Rather than that, it is an imagination of the ‘person’s mind. They imagine someone who is going to meet up all their needs. Moreover, when spending time together becomes more functional than loving, people tend to think that some other person is portraying all their imaginary needs. This is when they feel attracted to them.

  • Feeling Unloved: –

    Our love languages sometimes are different from our partners. For example, some people like to express their love verbally, whereas other people express it physically. If there is a difference between yours’ and your partner’s love language? There might get a feeling of being unloved in your mind. This is how a person might feel unloved. In these cases, they get more open to their affections to ‘someone’s love, which, you think understands you better.

  • Fear of Commitment: –

    This is one of the most substantial reasons for affairs. People feel safe in their relationships when they become engaged or pregnant. However, some people have issues with taking responsibility. Also, thus, consciously or subconsciously, they sabotage what they have as a way of rejecting feelings.

You know the reasons for affairs now. However, how does it affect your relationship or marriage?

    Damage to Self Esteem:

– The person being cheated will have a massive blow to his or her self esteem in the first place. The first question that will be coming to their minds will be ‘wasn’t he/she enough. They might start blaming themselves for the affair of their partner.

    Loss of trust in the cheating Spouse:

– The victim who is being cheated might develop issues with faith. No matter if the relationship stays or ends, the trust issues will still be there and might haunt the link or the new one in several ways. There are cases when victims trust issues lead to a new affair of their partner or themselves.

    Impacts the life of your children:

– If a marriage breaks because of an extramarital relationship, the children might have a lot of adverse effects on their minds. It is often noted that the children blame themselves for the divorces between their parents. Moreover, that might affect their whole lives.

How can you recover from the bad memory of the affair and restart again to save your relationship or marriage? Why it is important to seek counseling to forget the past.

Couples Counselling is essential after an affair because we ‘can’t afford to lose the love we get in the world. Moreover, if both of the spouses are ready to fix it and start all over again, only then you can save your marriage. The Edmonton Counselling Services  is here to help you with to get over the affair. We help you to find the  the best options and heal from the infidelity.