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Signs That Your Partner Wants To leave out of Your Relationship

When anyone decides to break up in a relationship with its partner, it does not happen to be something that he or she decides on the spot and act instantly. There is a meticulous thought process that runs on in a person’s mind before they choose to break up with someone.

Communication is the primary key to maintaining a healthy and loving relationship. When a couple is having poor communication in their relationship, it will be difficult for them to connect. You would be shocked to know how many couples end their relationships just because they were unable to short out their conflicts or talk things between them.

It’s unfortunate, but it’s a fact. However, it doesn’t always have to be the case. So the best way to avoid a breakup is to address the troubles in a relationship as they start. You should be able to hash out any points of conflict in the relationship properly.

Breakups usually come as a result of some profound seeded issues and unresolved conflicts. Moreover, there are some signs the person will give before leaving its partner. Here are those signs;

Partner assumes without any reason that you the worst person

The partner always thinks that you’re going to be at your worst. The/ she will be ready always to argue with you whenever they are with you. He/ She will make hurtful comments on you. That person will pertain to be better than you whenever you’re together because they imagine you are always the worst version of yourself when you’re with him/ her.. You have to be able to fix that.

They torture you by criticizing everything that you do

If your partner is criticizing you, often then, that’s a red flag that things are not going well between both of you. It’s okay for you to criticize each another every once in a while honestly. However, if it’s done regularly, then there may be a hint of bitterness and ill feelings there and you need to pay attention to look your relationship.

Partner does not actively pay attention to you

When your partner is intentionally ignoring everything that you have to say, then that is a serious concern that you need to short out in the relationship. In a relationship, of course, you shouldn’t be

making your partner feel like his/ her thoughts and opinions are not important or won’t be valued. If your partner is purposely not paying you any attention, then you have to make yourself get attention, or else your relationship will end up quickly.

He/ She shouts at you regularly without significant reason.

Are you always at the receiving end of anger and you don’t even know why. There is a genuine explanation for this. When someone feels unsettled or uncomfortable, he or she will try to project this discomfort to the nearest possible person: in this case, it’s you. You have to find out this unsettlement and pain if you want to improve the relationship.

The partner would prefer to hang out in a group then spend time alone with you.

If your partner does no longer feel comfortable being with alone, it’s you are both going to get into a fight with each other. Alternatively, it may be an awkwardness between the two of you because of some an underlying stress there. Either way, you’re going to need to short ou it.

Partner does not allow you to have your personal space

When a person gets into a relationship with someone, it’s expected that the person would have to provide some sense of freedom and individuality to each other.

You have decided to share your life with another person, and you can’t afford to be selfish all of the time anymore. However, if you find out that your partner is actively controlling your freedom, then it means that there is for sure distrust there, and you need to find out figure it out before it’s too late.