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How to Take Care of Mental Health during the COVID-19 Crisis

Mental Health during Covid 19; The 2020 yeaR has been a challenging year for everyone. There is a list of things that have gone every wrong possible, without the COVID-19 crisis itself. No, this crisis has been the arena in which all the other disasters have taken place, triggering many of them and exacerbating the rest. With all of the stress and anxiety of this year’s veritable gift basket of problems, nobody is really in the best mental state to cope with the precautions COVID-19 itself has demanded. Staying mentally healthy during this time in history has proven challenging even for the healthiest people. With the claustrophobic and antisocial nature of COVID-19, even getting much-needed psychiatric aid has been a challenge for pretty much everyone.

There is absolutely no substitute for psychotherapy and other forms of professional help, and with modern technology, there will always be a way to obtain it, as long as you have an internet connection. However, the amount of help that can be provided is at a premium during this crisis, so being informed on life hacks can help you maintain your sanity in the face of all this madness is a good idea nonetheless!

Identifying the Problems

First, let us talk about the problems most of us are facing with COVID-19. A moment ago, it brought upon us all a very antisocial lifestyle and one that’s immensely disruptive to society’s normal functioning. Economies are in limbo right now, and many people are out of work, left without a sense of purpose, forced to live reduced-quality lifestyles due to a limited government check being their only source of income. While not having to work often sounds appealing, most realize quickly how depressing and fatiguing the loss of structure and purpose can be. The reduced quality of life due to income brings with it more depression and anxiety for the future.

Being stuck at home brings a host of other problems to the table. While “homebodies” will feel this less than extraverts, cabin fever can quickly set in for most people. With most restaurants and other leisure venues being shut down or rendered unpleasant by new safety and mask rules, the world beyond our front doors is something of a wasteland. There is only so much one can occupy themselves with at home, day in, day out for weeks or even months. Granted, this would have been so much worse only twenty years ago, before broadband internet and high-end entertainment systems became everyday household items.

Unfortunately, even with unlimited entertainment, general ennui and depression will eventually creep in for most people. When people live together, anger issues can arise as elevated emotions and poor mental health allow conflict to emerge over otherwise petty things. Being trapped together in a confined space with such hostility only escalates all of the vicious cycle problems.

Staying Healthy

Now, let us look at some specific things we can all do to combat the mental stresses of this crisis, so we can come out the other end of this more vital and healthy enough to appreciate the fresh air once more. For those with financial worries, which are many, there are only so many things that can be done, admittedly. However, anyone with the skills to operate a computer may find online work due to many businesses rapidly adopting telecommuting in light of this disaster. There has never, in fact, been a better time to pursue a work-from-home career, and many people have dreamed of being able to do so.

Set your Priority

For those who do not live alone, respect for privacy should be the number one priority. This includes family, friends, and partners alike. Everyone needs a space to be alone; otherwise, the conflict will become commonplace. Do know, though, that occasional conflict is going to happen no matter what under these conditions. This is also an excellent time to work on strengthening relationships in our lives, however. With free time and availability, you may discover complementary talents and common interests which provide you many more things to do together while stuck at home.

If you are reading this, you have an internet connection. Do not just let yourself grow bored binge-watching videos and playing games. By all means, enjoy those, but do not burn yourself out. Take advantage of the rest of the internet’s abundance. Watch documentaries and tutorials to learn new things. Try artforms and other creative outlets you maybe never thought you’d be any good at. Discover new interests and communities online, and talk to new and exciting people. Actual human contact can still be had. Set a goal to try one new creative thing a day, to learn one new thing a day, and contribute one new thing a day to a community that interests you.  If you need to consult for your mental health  Edmonton Counselling Servcies located; 2923 66 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6K 4C1 provides professional counseling in-person and online therapy.

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