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Negative Feelings


Negative Feelings

                        Ways to transform negative feelings of depression

Negative feelings, Many people are suffering from depression. Depression is a challenging condition because it alters your general way of thinking. It makes you see the world through a negative filter and distorts your overall outlook on life. According to research, people with depression get overwhelmed with negative thoughts. They get stuck in a complex spiral, where depression leads them to negative thinking, and negative thoughts lead them to more depression.

If you are suffering from depression, then you seriously need psychological counseling treatment. Here in Edmonton Counselling Service, I help people to overcome their depression and see the world through positive thoughts.

Techniques to change negative-feeling, negative thoughts

  1. Cognitive-behavioral therapy

At  Edmonton Counselling Service, I use the most advanced and effective way to treat depression and its consequences. Cognitive therapy is one such therapy that effectively manages and cures chronic depression.

  1. Recognizing thought distortion

Our mind is very complex, and it has persistent ways to make us believe things that aren’t true. These thoughts develop into negative thinking. During counseling sessions at Edmonton Counselling, you will recognize those negative thoughts and learn to challenge them.

  1. Release Judgment

It is essential to stop judging yourself and others. We often compare ourselves with people who have got more in life, which builds a sense of dissatisfaction. When we learn to let go of judgment, we will feel more ease.

  1. Practice gratitude

One of the most helpful therapies is to feel grateful. Research shows that feeling gratitude has a significant impact on living a happy and positive life. Even if you are going through tough times, notice things that are going well, it will help you gather strength and confidence to face problems.

  1. Relax and work on physical well-being

Take a few minutes every day to relax your mind through yoga, meditation, etc. to control your thoughts and emotions. Also, change your lifestyle habits by including a good diet, exercise, proper sleep, etc to get relief of negative-feelings.


These steps will help you brighten your overall outlook and make you feel better for yourself. Edmonton Counselling Service is here to help you by providing you the best therapy to treat your depression and negative thoughts.

Negative feelings

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