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Do you sometimes have this sudden urge to act upon your negative emotions? Or do you feel like hurting a particular person verbally or physically due to their actions or indecency?. These negative emotions feeling has a term that refers to them know as anger. Now don’t worry, your not mentally unstable! or anything like that if you’re feeling these emotions.

Anger is a natural emotion and regular. Some people also consider it healthy as it can help people stay motivated and work hard. But like all things, you should have control over your anger as it can negatively affect your health and your relationships in many ways, so to help you out and guide you to having complete control over your anger!.

Tips to help you to stay calm:

  1. Do not jump to conclusions too quickly: Jumping to conclusions almost always ends up causing more problems and ruining relationships in the process. Giving another person a chance to explain themselves can clear up misunderstandings that can help you further understand their actions and their thought process during the incident. Sometimes the smallest of actions can drastically change the outcome of one’s life or a specific time during their lives. By doing so, the sudden feeling of rage might not be as strong as before.

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You might end up having a deeper understanding of the other person’s thought process, which intern ends up strengthening your relationship with that specific person. Try to forgive them if their indecency was not extremely hurtful or disrespectful, as that might help them rethink the decisions they make in the future before acting upon them.

  1. Try not to hold a grudge: As I said in the previous point, forgiveness is the key to a healthy relationship in any household. Holding a grudge will only worsen the situation at hand and slowly but surely affect the relationship of 2 people in a negative way. Forgiving a person not only helps them, but it helps you too. Forgiving people is easier said than done, but once you forgive a person, not only will they be careful the next time they’re about to do something that might affect you. But it will also strengthen the relationship between the two of you
  2. Do some physical exercises: doing physical activities can help you take your mind off of things. These kinds of issues should be dealt with practically and not emotions. Emotions tend to get in the way of decisions that are supposed to be made rationally. By working out and engaging yourself in other activities, you can take your mind off of things to make sure that you don’t say stuff that might hurt the other person because when a person is offended, it’s easy to say words that you might regret later. Instead, you should make a rational decision that helps you keep a healthy relationship with the other person.

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  1. Try to avoid stressful situations or peoples; The following are ‘avoid’ ways that you can do to deal with anger more effectively.
  2. Steer clear of people who make you upset. Anger is often triggered by interactions with difficult people or people who ‘rub you the wrong way.’ If you know that a person is eliciting an intense anger reaction in you and you can’t control it, then perhaps it’s best that you take action to avoid this individual.
  3. Steer clear of your ‘hot buttons.’
  4. One of the advantages of knowing your hot buttons is that it enables you to structure your day to avoid them. For example, if too many deadlines make you angry and stressed, learn time management — or don’t take more projects than you can handle. Saying ‘no’ is a good avoid response.
  5. Remove yourself from a stressful situation immediately. Another avoid intervention is immediately taking yourself away from a situation that might escalate your anger. For example, if a peer provokes your rage, you don’t have to stay around to listen to what he has to say. You can opt to walk away and address the issue another day.
  6.  Looking for solutions should be your main priority if you mad at something or someone. If you don’t look for an answer to the problem and instead try to focus more on the mistake the other person made, your most likely to ruin the relationship or affect it negatively at the least.
  7. Listening to your favorite music: Music is known for its capability to alter a person’s mood within a few minutes. By listening to music, you can divert your mind and enter a new world where you can relax and calm down. By doing this, you can clear out the negative thoughts and think without involving emotions. Not reasoning logically can end up negatively affecting your relationship with the specific person.

To learn better anger control, you can read anger management books or you can download free anger management tips that will give you some ideas about controlling anger in the right way.

Managing anger may not be easy for some people because anger can be overwhelming and hard to keep under control. As you keep on trying to implement it into your life, you slowly but surely will master it. Lastly, if you need any help with your anger management, Edmonton Counselling Services is more than happy to help. Bharat Sharma is an Experienced anger management therapist and would love to offer all his services. Contact now for more details.