Gambling Addiction

Gambling Addiction


Gambling Addiction can come to you in any form. And gambling is one of them. A massive number of people are suffering from the addiction of gambling. The main reason behind the addiction to gambling is the illusion of earning fast money within a short time. But the truth is far away from the fact. It can ruin you both financially as well as psychologically. You have to understand that because of this addiction, the gambling industry is so thriving. Therefore, if you are one of those feel trapped in gambling addiction, you may need to support to get over this addiction.

What are the symptoms of gambling addiction?

Like any other addiction, gambling addiction also has a set of symptoms. Thus, if you are not sure whether you are a gambling addict or not, you can go through these symptoms and acknowledge your problems:

  • You are keeping your gambling discreet from others– Maybe, you want to keep gambling secret from the others, or you want to surprise them after winning a significant amount of money.
  • You cannot control your gambling– It is the most common problem amongst the gambling addicts. Once you start gambling, you can never back away from it.
  • You are gambling even if you don’t have any money– Maybe, you have spent your last dollars on gambling, and you don’t have any more money to pay your bills, credits cards or all the other things. But, you still show a tendency to borrow money from others and spend it on gambling again.
  • Make your friends and family worried about you– If you keep your gambling secret from others, it will do nothing but increase your gambling. Don’t consider it to be a sign of weakness if you need help from others. Comprehend that it is never too late to ask for help.

So, if you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you can come to Edmonton Counselling services to get counselling to cope up with your addiction to gambling. I am an addiction professional;  Canadain  Certified Addiction counselor, Canadian Clinical Supervisor Addiction Counsellor (CCS-AC) and I’ll provide you with mental treatments to make you get rid of the gambling addiction. You can again go back to your healthy life after you come to me.

What are the harmful effects of gambling?

It doesn’t matter what kind of addictions you have; they are never good. Like any other addictions, there are numerous adverse effects of gambling addiction. Here are some of the adversities that you may have to face if you are addicted to gambling.

  • The rate of unemployment is increasing.
  • You may have to sell your home forcefully.
  • Bankruptcy is the worst thing that can happen to you.
  • It can establish a poor physical and mental health of an individual or a family. Drug and alcohol abuse can also increase.

    At Edmonton Counselling, you can learn yourself from these adverse effects of gambling. Being a professional psychological counselor, I will guide you about how to come out from this addiction.

    How psychological counselling helps you to overcome the addiction to gambling?

    Well, to come out from the addiction to gambling is quite a tough job. For that, you need proper support from your friends, family as well as from your therapist. After going through gambling therapy, you will again come back to your healthy life and become free from all the damaging effects of gambling.


    Do not let the gambling habit ruin your life. Book your appointment and at Edmonton Counselling services. I am here to support you to bring your life back to normal.  I will provide you with all the psychological treatment, and you can come out as a happy human being. Edmonton Counselling Services is located at 2923 66 St NW, Edmonton.T6K 4C1 ( Cedars Professional Park).


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