Grief and loss counseling

Grief Loss Counselling Edmonton

Grief Loss Counselling ; The death of a close family member or friend is not something that is easy for anyone to deal with emotionally. Grief Loss Counseling helps to go through the process of grief loss. Your first reaction may be a complete shock, followed by a feeling of disbelief. Since you likely knew this person for several years or even decades, the feeling of not having them in your life anymore will just seem too surreal to be true. You’ll spend the next days and weeks waiting for that person to call or show up at your front door to surprise you. Eventually, after enough time has passed, the reality of their death will finally become realized by you.

Understanding the Grief Loss

Understanding the Grief Loss Once you finally understand this person has died, your next reaction might be a combination of restlessness and anger. Perhaps you had some unresolved feelings or resentments with this person that you never got to settle. There may have been things you wish you could have said to them or possibly some hurtful things you previously said to them that you wish you could take back. Whenever there is a conflicted relationship that was never resolved and then the person dies, it could ultimately affect the emotional and physical stability of the one who is still alive. Their guilt and sadness will consume their entire life, causing them to be less productive and happy and grief and loss counseling may be helpful in that situation a grief and loss counseling is advisable.

Why Grief Loss Counselling

Grief loss counseling may be the necessary next step forward to get past all this pain and sadness. If the pain over the death of your loved one is so bad that you’re experiencing physical symptoms, such as stomach or chest pains, then it means that you need a third-party to help guide you past this loss. No one is saying that you need to forget about the person or pretend they never existed because that would be impossible. But what you must do is learn to make peace with what was left unsaid and live the kind of life that the deceased person would have wanted you to live.

A Grief and Loss Counsellor

As a Grief Loss counselor and therapist, I will help you sort out all the troubled emotions you’re experiencing over the death of the person who was close to you and provide you grief and loss counseling. You might not think there is any way forward from this point, but I assure you there is always a way forward. Give me the opportunity to show you that path so that you can reclaim your life and learn to be happy again without any regrets or resentments about the one you lost. Feel free to book an appointment for grief loss counseling with a certified therapist of Edmonton Counselling services. Edmonton Counselling Services is located at: 2923 66 St NW, Edmonton,T6K 4C1 and provides private one to one and online counselling as well. Fell free to book your appointment by clicking a t” Request Appointment”  button..