Counselling for Anxiety and depression

Depression Counselling What is depression? Depression Counselling; Most of us have gone through the sad feeling of blue moods at one point or the other.

Anger Management Workshop

The hectic pace of modern life causes most people to experience stress and anxiety occasionally. The feeling of being stressed can

Addiction Counselling in Edmonton

If you or someone you know suffers from alcohol addiction, then they need counseling.

Addiction Counselling Edmonton

It’s hard to get sober, and staying clean and sober tends to bring out issues that can be quite difficult.

Anxiety Counselling Edmonton

Do you think that something terrible will happen if you did not do a specific thing in a specific manner?

Anger Management Edmonton

Anger can be an awfully damaging force, costing people their relationships &  jobs, and even their lives

individual counselling

Individual counselling involves a one-on-one therapy session between you and a registered psychotherapist like myself.