Edmonton Counselling Services offer a variety of counseling services to help you successfully manage and move past the obstacles in your life.

A family cannot be happy unless all members of the family are happy. This not only includes

Are You Mandated to Take Anger Management by the Court or Workplace? An Eight Week Course

My counseling sessions are an opportunity for a troubled child to learn about the nature of their problems and

Do you think that something terrible will happen if you did not do a specific thing in a specific manner? Do you stay away from routine circumstances because

Couple counseling Edmonton

It is a wonderful feeling to be in a relationship with someone that you love or care about. that is why it is equally painful and upsetting when that

Individual Counselling

Individual counseling involves a one-on-one therapy session between you and a registered psychotherapist like myself.

Addiction counseling Edmonton

Providing individuals and families Addiction support in resolving addictive behaviors, co-occurring disorders

Stress Management

The hectic pace of modern life causes most people to experience stress and anxiety occasionally.