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How to Help a Family Member with Addiction?

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Sometimes A person can be addicted to anything. It can be on drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, shopping, or any other thing. I once had a family member who was a drug addict. When you know that a close family member is suffering from any Addiction, all you want to do is help them. The decision is never easy.

When a person is addicted, there is always some behavioral and physical change. Helping them to overcome Addiction becomes a tough task. Addicts people tend to react differently. They might deny, avoid, and sometimes show anger. Here’s a guide on how to help someone with an addiction.

  • Try to be compassionate:

    Compassion can be used as a tool to encourage the addicted person. This will help them to become comfortable and open up. Empathy and social support are considered to be the key elements of the treatment.

  • Promote healthy habits:
  • An addict can change physical and mental health along with bad health habits and poor hygiene. Try to bring healthy lifestyle changes by establishing a structured environment. Make them exercise regularly.
  • Positivity:
  • Addiction is treatable. It is a chronic disease that has no cure. An addicted person must have a positive mindset to sustain a long and meaningful life.
  • Educating yourself:
  • Before you dig in the process to help an addict, it is very much necessary to educate yourself about the Addiction. Take your time to understand the disease, its effects, and its impacts on the addict. Always try to be honest, respect their privacy, and focus on building trust with the addict. Contact me if you are someone who is looking forward to helping your loved one.
  • Get help:
  • Encourage them to seek help. An Addiction specialist can help you to navigate the process. You can make an appointment with Edmonton Counselling Services if you need to consult. The addiction therapist at Edmonton Counselling is experienced in Addiction. He is   Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor (CCAC), Canadian Clinical Supervisor Addiction  (CCS-AC),  and member of The Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine, and Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation.
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