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What is Solution Focused Therapy?

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Challenges are a part of everyone’s life, but sometimes, these challenges become too much to handle. At moments like these, one needs professional support. Solution-focused therapy (SFT) is one of the most effective therapies that helps people address and conquer the challenges of life. We’ll explore the fundamental ideas of solution-focused therapy in this blog, as well as how it functions, who it can help, what problems it addresses, solution-focused brief therapy techniques, and its overall effectiveness.

What is Solution Focused Brief Therapy?

Solution Focused Brief therapy, or SFT for short, is a type of therapy that puts less emphasis on problems and more on finding solutions. It’s a streamlined, goal-oriented approach designed to assist people in recognizing and capitalizing on their abilities in order to bring about a positive transformation. The solution-focused brief therapy focuses on the client’s vision of a better future, in contrast to traditional therapy approaches that explore the past and examine the causes of problems.

How Does Solution Focused Therapy Work?

The idea that people can see issues and find solutions is the foundation of solution-focused brief therapy. Using this method, therapists assist their clients in exploring their objectives and imagining a scenario in which they are accomplished. The procedure involves identifying the abilities and resources required to accomplish these goals, as well as creating reasonable and doable goals and dividing them into smaller phases. Therapists and clients collaborate to create a transformation plan by talking and working together.

Who Should Seek Solution Based Therapy?

Solution-focused therapy is adaptable and helpful for a broad spectrum of people facing numerous challenges. Whether you’re having trouble with:

  • Your family
  • Your relationship
  • Your work
  • Your mental health

SFT can offer an organized and efficient approach to meet your individual needs. It is especially suitable for people who would rather focus on finding solutions and moving ahead with their therapy rather than going too far into the past.

What Issues Are Treated With Solution-Based Therapy?

Given its ability to solve a lot of your psychic issues, brief solution-focused therapy is a great option that can be used to solve the following:

  • Problems in your relationship
  • Communication problems
  • Stress management
  • Substance abuse
  • Self-esteem
  • If you are dealing with depression
  • If you have anxiety-issues
  • Addiction-related disorders

By encouraging you to deconstruct complicated issues into smaller, more manageable parts, the solution-focused therapy Online gives them a sense of competence and control.

What Techniques Do Solution-Focused Therapists Use?

Solution-focused therapy uses a series of brief solution focused therapy techniques designed to support constructive development and provide people with the ability to solve problems for themselves. Among the crucial methods are:

1. Scaling Questions:

Scaling questions are a method that therapists employ to help clients measure their development. For instance, how happy are you with your current circumstances on a scale of 1 to 10? This establishes a starting point for improvement, along with measuring the client’s perception.

2. Miracle Question:

This creative method asks clients to picture a time in the future when all of their issues have magically vanished. People are able to visualize this perfect situation and determine the necessary actions to get closer to the desired result.

“Imagine that tonight, everything in your home is silent, and as you sleep, a miracle happens. You fixed the issue that brought you here, and that’s the miracle. But you are unaware of the miracle because you are asleep. What will be different when you wake up the next day to indicate that a miracle has occurred and the issue that led you here has been resolved?” (de Shazer, 1988)

3. Exception Seeking:

Therapists help clients discover moments when the issue is less common or nonexistent rather than concentrating on the problem itself. This method outlines existing strengths and approaches that can be used to overcome obstacles.

4. Complimenting and Reinforcing:

In order to reinforce positive behaviours and boost confidence, therapists emphasize your accomplishments and strengths. This encouraging feedback helps you believe that you could bring about positive change.

Is Solution-Focused Therapy Effective?

Various research and clinical data have demonstrated that Solution-focused therapy is successful in a variety of situations. Many people find the therapy to be relevant and engaging because of its brief duration and brief solution-focused therapy in Edmonton. Additionally, focusing on the strengths and qualities of the client creates a sense of empowerment that frequently results in quicker and more long-lasting beneficial outcomes.

Further, an Endmonton therapist can help you resolve your issue more effectively and in relatively less time with solution-focused therapy. It has been generally seen that after solution-focused brief therapy, people find themselves more confident, equipped with better communication skills, and feeling more in charge of their lives.


The solution focused therapy Edmonton shines as a ray of strength and optimism in a world where issues can frequently seem overwhelming. By shifting the emphasis from issues to solutions, this method provides an innovative perspective on development and constructive transformation. Solution-focused therapy offers an organized and successful path toward a better future, regardless of the difficulties you’re having in your relationships, managing stress, or dealing with mental health issues. If you embrace solution-focused brief therapy techniques, you might go on a life-changing path that leads to greater fulfilment.