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8 amazing anger management tips

Since anger is the most destructive emotion, anger management tips are the most important. In fact, emotions are valuable because they’re involved in important functions like reproduction and survival. Sometimes people can get so angry that they actually blackout and do destructive things without even knowing it. This is why anger management is so important if you are to get through life and stay healthy. Let me share some easy anger management tips.

Dealing with the ignorant

You must learn that there are individuals who plainly like to push the button to make you angry. They know they are making you furious and they continue until you outburst. If you’re in such a situation, try to avoid such a person and leave the argument.

Breathe slowly

When you’re feeling angry, sit down and take deep breaths. Fill your lungs with air, hold it for a second and then slowly exhale it out. S..L..O..W..L..Y… is the main key. We normally breathe a lot shallower and faster than we require

Get out of the situation

In the first instance, it looks foolish. You’re having a heated argument with someone like your wife, friend, boss, colleague, sister, or mum. Surely, leaving the situation wouldn’t help in solving it. However, it will cool down the situation temporarily. Walking away will allow both parties to get into a state of mind where they can think about a solution.

Analyze the objective of your anger

Can you justify your anger? What’s the worst that could result if you didn’t get angry? Think about a situation if you’d been in another person’s shoes. If you can’t justify your anger, there is no point in being angry. Just chill!

Avoid the trigger

It’s the second step after leaving the situation. If you learn what triggers your anger can help you structure your life happily. For instance, being in a traffic jam can make you angry. So the point is how to avoid traffic. Well, practically not possible but if you leave earlier; you can avoid such a thing happening. Try to figure out what makes you angry and take precautionary steps.


Aerobic exercise such as rowing, running, cycling and swimming can help your body release chemicals known as endorphins. Such a chemical boosts your anger. Exercise will help you stay fit which will give you more energy and a positive feeling about life. Exercise might not prevent anger but it surely boosts the positive impacts of anger management.

Don’t take things personally

People usually do things based on how they feel and also years of environmental and social influence. Some individuals are born stuck up and they always try to make other’s life miserable. Don’t blame them. They might be brought up in a bad environment.  Just focus on how grateful you are. Don’t take such arguments and comments personally.

Count from 1 to 10

Remember, anger is a reaction. When you feel angry; start counting from 1 to 10. It’s a very useful technique because it will allow you to let the moment of anger pass. After 10 seconds, that moment of anger vanishes and you’re in a position to observe and evaluate the situation with a clearer mind.

Final thought

In the heat of the moment, you can’t help but blurt out things that might come back to haunt you. In life, tension and stress can sometimes bring out the monster in you. Being angry is a natural reaction to outside stimulation that we do not like. But once you’ve mastered these tips, you can handle any conflicting situation with ease and comfort.

Edmonton Counselling Services provides Anger management courses for personal development as well as for court purposes by our counselor; a  Master of Clinical Counselling, feel free to book an appointment if you need one-to-one anger management sessions.